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available pets: foster/adopt

The pets listed below are in need of a home or foster spot. Please help if you can!

Keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated: 11/15/2018  


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111/14/18/18: Buddy is 10 years old. He's in good health and current on all vetting, housebroken and is very friendly and playful.

Second chance pals is a long term foster program. SCP pays for all medical costs and grooming, the shelter provides bedding and food, all you provide is a safe home and love.


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10/03/18: Dobbie is an 11 year old Dachshund mix (26 pounds) that is now in a foster home, living with other dogs and a cat. She gets along well with everyone - the cat curls up with her on the sofa at night while we all watch TV together. She curls up quietly with us at night to sleep. She's house-trained and asks to go out politely by standing at the door and when ready to come back in, will scratch lightly; if you don't hear her, she'll bark.

Dobbie had a flea problem when she first arrived and although she no longer has fleas, she had an allergy to them and lost some of her hair on the back. It's now growing back and she's looking better everyday ... she'll need to be kept on a good flea-prevention program to keep this from happening again. At some point, one of Dobbie's rear legs was broken and not set. It healed poorly and is at risk of breaking again; that said, she runs around the yard without problems, just shouldn't rough-house.

Dobbie is a sweetheart of a little girl and puppy-like in her personality. We're working on pulling with the leash and she likes to jump when she greets you. Please call to meet this little girl.


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7/19/18: Callie is a 10 year old Chi and in a foster home. She is sweet and she loves her food. She doesn't like anyone else to get in her food!

Callie sleeps well during the day .... while she was at the shelter, we let her have the run of the place. She doesn't mind other dogs if they don't interfere with her food. She will go potty outside as long as someone lets her out.

She has a 5/6 heart murmur and must take medication; she will need medication for the rest of her life. Whoever adopts Callie must provide medications for her.


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3/21/18: Being clean feels so good!



7/19/18: Scotty has been neutered, has had a dental and all his bad teeth removed. Scotty is in good health and gaining weight.

6/24/18: Scotty is a funny dog. When I leave he sneaks around and gets the remotes off the table ... if there is a blanket he can reach off the couch he drags it on the floor. I have watched him through the window being so mischievous. Scotty can't see well at all; he may not be totally blind but will walk into bushes and trees outside, so his vision is very limited. He knows his surroundings in my house so his lack of sight is not an issue.

Scotty loves stuffed animals to play with, but he is a loner, plays by himself, he doesn't approach me for petting; in fact, I must make him accept loving from me, he will wag his stubby tail and inch closer to me but when I walk toward him he runs away. I am doing my best to win his confidence but I believe he has not known affection in his life, maybe even neglect. Scotty is non-aggressive (only has 7 teeth). He actually seems to enjoy the company of my pack of dogs and seems to get happy when they are all playing.

If a person wanted a project dog to work with, Scotty is it. I know improvements can be made with him by somwone who is patient and kind. I would not suggest a home with small children, his lack of sight makes that situation stressful on the dog.

I carry him outside because he absolutely cannot walk down steps, He can go up the steps on his own. He uses pee pads in the house.

6/10/18: Scotty is gaining weight, which is a good thing, he was skinny when found.

Scotty is timid around people, he is happy when I come home but is not a lap dog. I call to him and he will come but stand at a distance, I am working on that, he acts afraid. I love on him all the time, he accepts petting it's just he will not come up to me and ask for attention.

I carry him outside because he is pretty much blind and cannot maneuver going down steps. He sometimes enjoys being out (in the fenced in yard) but at other times runs back in the house before doing his business.

Scotty will bark when my grandkids are here, not sure why, maybe its because he can't see them but knows they are there He is not aggressive to kids or dogs.

When it comes to stuffed toys Scotty has become rather possessive of them, He will sniff them out and take them away from my other dogs, they dont fight him over them but there is usually growling. Scotty only has 7 teeth, can't see, so for him to get possessive over anything is more humorous to me, my dogs are super sweet to him and let him have his way, But this could be an issue if another dog was not so understanding.

Scotty uses pee pads in the house since he can't use the doggie door like my other dogs to go outside.

Scotty eats dry food. wet canned food will upset his stomach....found this out the hard way.

4/30/18: Scotty is feeling much better these days, he no longer needs the television on to feel safe. He is playing more and is trying to play with his foster brothers.

Click here for a video of Scotty

4/2/18: Scotty is a Schnauzer, 13 years old, blind, nearly toothless. He sleeps most of the day away. His foster mom carries him outside because he cannot maneuver steps going down, He will follow her voice calling him; and he can climb up the stairs to come back in the house.

Scotty likes having the TV on to sleep, he will cry and bark when he thinks he is alone, so the tv helps.

Scotty is an old man who needs a quiet home to live out his days; he is friendly and happy.

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