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"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
– Thomas Jefferson

Success Stories 2017

Now into our sixth year with second chance pals, we would like to thank each of our small group of dedicated fosterers and supporters, who have given their heartfelt love, time and financial support so this program can go forward. To see heartwarming success stories for our previous years ... go to:

Adult spayed/neutered pets are continuing to be highly desirable, many times valued for their stable, mature-loving and quiet ways, filled with comfort, patience, grace and loyalty.

At this time, our goal of calling attention to the plight of adult animals in our shelter is being realized. As Pets for Patriots comes on board, our own Rolling Rescue and additional rescue sources, we are heartened that older companion animals are becoming more valued and are being adopted. Since there are now
a variety of ways that second chance pals will be finding their forever homes, we reserve success stories from here on out for those animals who are either scp specific or have unusual or difficult adoption stories we can highlight. The photos do not include all adult animals rescued . . .

Please keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated 2/5/2017

2017 Adopted List ... Click on the pet's name to see their story.  

02/02, Muffin, Dog
02/02, Axel, Dog
02/02, Jackie, Dog


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1/30/17: Muffin is doing very well after her surgery, and her skin is healing nicely. As a result, she is a much happier dog and is even getting playful. Marcy believes that Muffin is getting too attached to them and should be put up for adoption asap. She feels bad that Muffin is learning to trust them, and then will be displaced once again. One curious thing she wanted me to pass on is that Muffin has not barked once since she arrived, not a sound. Very sweet dog and smart.

2/2/17: Muffin is going to Louise Legacy rescue on Friday, 2/3.


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2/2/17: Axel and Jackie from the SCP program are all going to Louise Legacy rescue on Friday, 2/3.

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