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second chance pals
was created by Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA) to call attention to the plight of older shelter pets, who through no fault of their own, often found their lives in jeopardy in our tiny shelter.

Our Mission:
Provide a second chance to at-risk adult dogs and cats in Monroe County, TN to find foster or other temporary care until a forever home can be found; 

Provide educational material for the community about the benefits of adopting an adult pet;

Provide assistance to existing pet owners to help find solutions to keeping their family pet in their home.

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an older pet . . .

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at-risk adult pets in
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People are naturally drawn to adorable puppies and kittens. Sometimes not enough thought is given to the amount of time and effort that is required to train an animal to become a family member. Many times, those cute little bundles of joy are turned back into the shelter as they mature and it is no longer convenient to have them in the home.

With space at a premium, sadly the larger and older animals are still the first to be euthanized to make room for the influx of new animals turned in to the shelter. Many of these animals just need that all-important second chance. These are often the ones that have those highly sought-after qualities of maturity, manners and gratitude to fit in on Day 1 . . . making the best companions.

foster homes, big hearts and
innovative ideas needed

The rewards of adopting and/or fostering an adult dog or cat out of the shelter can be hugely rewarding and life-changing. scp is always looking for new ideas on how to integrate these pets back into the community and beyond. If you aren't in a position to foster, please consider making a donation toward the medical care and fostering expenses that the program incurs. Won't you help us become a part of the solution?

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Pets that have been designated for the scp program have been screened by our shelter director and determined as adoptable, with generally good temperaments and social interaction traits.

Please check out current pets in scp and also the link to the entire list of shelter pets.

In 2009, over 6,000 animals were turned into the shelter. Thankfully, that number, as well as the numbers of euthanesia, has been dropping dramatically. This is due to a vigorous Spay/Neuter program and a record number of pet placements through the dedication of the MCFA family of volunteers holding adoptathons at PetsMart in Alcoa and other venues, participation in Rolling Rescue and our scp program. In the first six months of the scp program, close to 40 adult pets were saved! Now we are delighted to partner with Pets for Patriots, a win-win for both military families and our shelter pets as well! We look forward to saving even more adult animals, valued for their life experience and grateful for a new chance at life.

Please see Pets for Patriots' Belle's heartwarming success story ... a Shepherd born with severe leg problems that found a home with her very own veteran: Her recovery story is listed in the 2015 Success Stories.