I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter . . . the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.
I was angry.
"God" I said, "this is terrible!
Why don't you do something?"
God was silent for a moment, and then spoke softly, "I have done something," was the reply. "I created you."
~ Jim Willis

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Some of us simply cannot bring ourselves to go to a shelter and pick out a dog or a cat from so many eager—or shy—faces looking back at us. Emotions run high when we have to leave behind so many crestfallen faces, each of whom could make a wonderful pet. Many of these animals are in the shelter due to no fault of their own . . . perhaps their owner has died with no one to care for them, a family has suffered a job loss, or some other unforeseen circumstance.

second chance pals was formed to save the lives of many adult adoptable pets by getting them into foster care and out of an already crowded and chaotic shelter situation. We also intend to feature these older animals that remain in the shelter awaiting foster care. This, in turn, should give them a greater chance at a finding a forever home.

Updated: 10/26/2019


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10/24/19: We had to let Nala go today. She had a cruciate injury which she would not have recovered from if she made it through the surgery. She was in pain and it was decided by all that it was kinder to let her go.

9/9/19: Nala is about 5-7 years old and a Spaniel mix and needs a foster or forever home. She loves kids and is okay with other dogs, but would be great as an only dog. She is devoted to her person & loves to be with them.

Right now she is 49.7 pounds, so would also like someone who could get her on a healthy lean diet. Please call for more information on Nala and if you'd like to foster/adopt her.


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12/15/18 Callie had a heart attack and passed away. She was in her foster home when she died and was well loved.

7/19/18: Callie is a 10 year old Chi and in a foster home. She is sweet and she loves her food. She doesn't like anyone else to get in her food!

Callie sleeps well during the day .... while she was at the shelter, we let her have the run of the place. She doesn't mind other dogs if they don't interfere with her food. She will go potty outside as long as someone lets her out.

She has a 5/6 heart murmur and must take medication; she will need medication for the rest of her life. Whoever adopts Callie must provide medications for her.


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8/3/18: Spunky passed away this evening ... too many health problems, poor little boy. He'll be missed.

6/30/18: Spunky is an 8 year old Pom. Heartworm positive, but is being treated. Spunky is lucky enough to already be in a foster home.

So far, so good. We were DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY. We bathed him last night as best we could . . .and this morning my groomer took him in as an emergency appointment. Had to virtually shave him to get all the burrs, fleas, clumps off. Weighs ten pounds less! Flea bath, flea dip . . . seems much happier. Now sleeping on his "special quilt" on the rug at hubby's feet. Ate dinner last night and breakfast this morning happily. Mellow and laided back. Some worrisome coughing . . . but Poms are prone to collapsing trachea, so as long as it's not too much, Dr. Gobble has told us not to worry. Keeping an eye out. Will send a picture once his fur grows back a bit . . . part of him is almost scalped! Groomer fell in love with him. Walks pretty well on the leash, although this morning he would have taken off after a bunny if hubby didn't have a firm hand.


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2/27/17: When shelter workers arrived this morning, Gerald had passed away ... he found his forever home on his own.

2/24/17: Gerald is a 7 year old, indoor-only cat, a buff tabby with very soft fur and a cool temperament. He's an older gentleman who is content being a little laid back. He would love to live in a quiet home, curled up on a nice warm lap, or watching the birds from a perch by a window. He is litter box trained. Thanks to Second Chance Pals we were able to get Gerald a complete senior check-up and he is scheduled for a dental cleaning on March 16th, 2017.


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2/23/17: Dante and his foster Mom passed away this past weekend ... a very sad day. Both will be missed.

5/31/16: Dante saw the vet again today; he is now on 17 units of insulin twice a day. His swollen eye is a concern.

4/2/16: Dante's foster mom has told us that Dante has gone blind, his lingering high blood sugar took its tole. Dante is doing well even with the loss of his sight, he is learning to follow instructions such as 'step' when going up and down steps to go outside.

I assured his foster mom that SCP will not abandon Dante because of this new disability. If I have learned anything in my few years in rescue, there is someone for Dante; we can look back and say it's amazing. His forever home is out there; we just need to be patient and get his story in circulation.

On a positive note, his blood sugar is 370 and stable; target is 300; it was over 600. He is on 20 units of insulin a day, 2 shots of 10.

Please help by telling your friends about Dante....

3/22/16: Dante is a big boy, 70 lbs, he wants to be a lap dog, very friendly to humans and dogs alike, totally non aggressive. Dante walks well on a leash, he is house trained, likes to play with toys.

Dante is a diabetic, he is not yet available for adoption due to the fact his diabetes is not under control. Dante started out with 10 units of insulin, then went to 12, now at 14, with his blood sugar level nowhere near under control. Dante is seeing the vet weekly to get his sugar tested.

There are health risks involved with his sugar being out of control, which we hope he will not have to endure. Dante drinks a lot and in turn must go to the bathroom frequently, he is on a strict feeding schedule (every 12 hours) followed by his insulin shot, which he takes like a champ.

We still have our fundraiser open and anyone wanting to donate to Dante's meds would be appreciated. They can also drop a donation off at the shelter or mail it to the P.O. Box. Just note for SCP.


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5/31/16: Buddy was heartworm positive and had just been added to scp. He was in a foster home and we didn't have all of his information yet. He received his first heartworm injection and passed away last night. We're very sad about losing Buddy.

Won't you please help us make a difference?

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