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"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
– Thomas Jefferson

Success Stories 2019

Now into our sixth year with second chance pals, we would like to thank each of our small group of dedicated fosterers and supporters, who have given their heartfelt love, time and financial support so this program can go forward. To see heartwarming success stories for our previous years ... go to:

Adult spayed/neutered pets are continuing to be highly desirable, many times valued for their stable, mature-loving and quiet ways, filled with comfort, patience, grace and loyalty.

At this time, our goal of calling attention to the plight of adult animals in our shelter is being realized. As Pets for Patriots comes on board, our own Rolling Rescue and additional rescue sources, we are heartened that older companion animals are becoming more valued and are being adopted. Since there are now
a variety of ways that second chance pals will be finding their forever homes, we reserve success stories from here on out for those animals who are either scp specific or have unusual or difficult adoption stories we can highlight. The photos do not include all adult animals rescued . . .

Please keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated 02/17/2019:

2019 Adopted List ... Click on the pet's name to see their story.  

02/07, Chihuahua mix
02/16, Dobbie, Dachshund Mix


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2/16/19, Dobbie with new family friend.

1/12/19, All tucked in for the night!



2/16/19: Dobbie found her very own home today and has a new doggie companion. She was excited to get a new family.

1/14/19: Dobbie had a sleep-over with a friend before she went on to be filmed ... "Just wanted to let you know that Dobbie is doing well. My young male doxie is a play machine and he and Dobbie are chasing each other all over the house. Dobbie is very sweet. The filming event supported MCFA & SCP adoptions. Click HERE to watch.

10/15/18: Dobbie continues to do well. She's a talker, when she wants something ... food, in, out, attention ... whatever ... she'll tell us about it until we figure out what she wants. She's enthusiastic about her food, which is good and it has helped her fur come back beautifully from the attack of fleas. She hangs out with our Dachshund, plays with the other smaller male dogs, but pretty much ignores the larger dogs.

10/03/18: Dobbie is an 11 year old Dachshund mix (26 pounds) that is now in a foster home, living with other dogs and a cat. She gets along well with everyone - the cat curls up with her on the sofa at night while we all watch TV together. She curls up quietly with us at night to sleep. She's house-trained and asks to go out politely by standing at the door and when ready to come back in, will scratch lightly; if you don't hear her, she'll bark.

Dobbie had a flea problem when she first arrived and although she no longer has fleas, she had an allergy to them and lost some of her hair on the back. It's now growing back and she's looking better everyday ... she'll need to be kept on a good flea-prevention program to keep this from happening again. At some point, one of Dobbie's rear legs was broken and not set. It healed poorly and is at risk of breaking again; that said, she runs around the yard without problems, just shouldn't rough-house.

Dobbie is a sweetheart of a little girl and puppy-like in her personality. We're working on pulling with the leash and she likes to jump when she greets you. Please call to meet this little girl.


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2/7/19: Princess adopted today!

12/20/18: Princess is a 10 yr old Chihuahua mix. Princess is a non-aggressive, very sweet girl, in good health.

Second Chance Pals will cover all expenses for her care. The shelter will provide food, all you have to give is your love and a safe home. Princess would like to e snuggled for Christmas.

Won't you please help us make a difference?

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