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"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
– Thomas Jefferson

success stories 2015

Now into our fifth year with second chance pals, we would like to thank each of our small group of dedicated fosterers and supporters, who have given their heartfelt love, time and financial support so this program can go forward. To see heartwarming success stories for our previous years ... go to:

Adult spayed/neutered pets are continuing to be highly desirable, many times valued for their stable, mature-loving and quiet ways, filled with comfort, patience, grace and loyalty.

At this time, our goal of calling attention to the plight of adult animals in our shelter is being realized. As Pets for Patriots comes on board, our own Rolling Rescue and additional rescue sources, we are heartened that older companion animals are becoming more valued and are being adopted. Since there are now
a variety of ways that second chance pals will be finding their forever homes, we reserve success stories from here on out for those animals who are either scp specific or have unusual or difficult adoption stories we can highlight. The photos do not include all adult animals rescued . . .

Please keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated 7/21/2018

2015 Adopted List ... Click on pet to see their story.  

01/26, Ricky, Boxer Mix
04/16, Virginia, Hound Mix
04/21, Brandi, Hound Mix
06/29, Belle, German Shepherd
06/29, JJ, Domestic short-haired cat
06/20, Nipper, Jack Russell
07/27, Belinda, Beagle
07/31, Lucy, Retriever/Lab Mix
08/20, Willie, Chihuahua
08/22, Lucy, Yorkie/Schnauzer Mix
09/17, Minnie, Miniature Pincher
09/24, Dusty, Bichon Frise
10/01, Max, Rat Terrier/Jack Russell Mix
10/10, Frazier, Shepherd Mix
10/13, Jake, Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix
10/14, Sam, Domestic short-haired cat

10/18, Winston, Yorkie
11/07, Zoey, Pomeranian
11/10, Betsy, Pomeranian/Jack Russell Mix
11/21, Freda, Chihuahua
12/17, Katie, Hound Mix
12/24, Honey, Poodle
12/28, Pete, Border Collie


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11/25/15: It's tuff being heartworm positive,
but Pete is definitely making the best of his situation.

12/28/15: Pete has been moved over to a rescue group.

12/6/15: First and foremost, it would be nice if Pete could be on a lot of acres where he can roam all he wants. As many dogs as I have had and fostered I have not encountered one like Pete. He dearly loves his freedom. Part of it may be because of his confinement during heartworm recovery. Maybe if he has a chance for a lot more exercise enough to tire him he will not be so apt to run

A couple days ago I had him on the deck which is 2 stories up with no stairs. In other words totally fenced. The neighboring condo folks were in the process of moving out. Pete jumped in the lawn chair up and over my deck rail onto the neighbors deck in the back door and out the front door. It took about 4 hours and several people to keep tabs on where he was. He just kept running away from everyone in the fields and woods where you could not go after him. Finally since it was now dark I came home got one of my dogs and went to the dog park, keeping the headlights turned on the two acre fenced in field. (pitch dark there) I left both gates open and just sat in the middle of the field hoping he would see and hear us there and come in the gates. HE DID!!! Once he was well into the field I closed the gate and let him wander awhile. Eventually with plenty of treats in between I put his leash on and went to the car. He very willingly jumped in and acted happy to go home.

He will need someone who has a very secure fenced yard with nothing he can dig under or jump over. And he will need someone who will spend time training. playing, fetching and so on to get him attached to them and occupied so he will not want to run. He needs more positive leash training. He will pull on leash. He should probably have a no-pull harness. Even when in the car we have him leashed to the seat belt because as soon as the door opens he will lunge.

Having said all that, the good things are, he loves all people and dogs. He has one of the best temperaments a dog could have. He is good in the house, loves a crate to sleep in at night. You won’t hear a peep out if him. He loves to lay at or on your feet. Does not bark except when he knows his food is coming. I have been training him to sit and wait patiently until given permission to eat. He does not shed. With his amount of hair you would think that he would. Grooming him is easy. He does not fight anything. In fact when just brushing he’s like a Gumby that goes all relaxed. Because of the bladder stone he had and not being neutered until recently he has been a challenge to house break. It was just a matter of getting him out often and now it is much longer in between.

He probably would love to be on a farm where he could be taught to herd the cows or any other farm animal that could herded. Or he might make a good agility dog. I know he would have fun doing those sorts of things. Lacking any of that he loves running around the fenced in dog park with all the other dogs.

11/13/15: Pete had the second neuter surgery (first was not successful) and his first treatment for heartworm; he stayed with the vet overnight to get him through this very risky time.

Pete is now home, the surgery was a success and his heartworm treatment went without any complications. His mom has him a playpen so he can be in the center of the house without being too active, (low activity is critical when treating for heartworms).

Pete has not marked while in his pen, so this is very good start to his new beginning.

I am told Pete is a funny, friendly boy, loves taking walks on his leash but is an escape artist when it comes to collars, so he is getting a harness to prevent him from getting away.

11/12/15: Pete is so good in the pen and crate. He never complains or tries to get out. He will make someone a good pet. He is not wetting or leaking or marking. Hasn’t been loose in the house and sure don’t want to test it for quite awhile. Maybe he will get used to holding it all until he goes outdoors.

Pete had issues with urinating constantly, it was discovered he had a large bladder stone, (this was before he was an scp dog), the stone was removed and Pere was placed into a SCP foster home where he is being encouraged to have good house manners. Pete's foster has nothing but good things to say about him.

11/05/15: Pete was transferred from Sweetwater City pound as a stray. He is heartworm positive. Pete was fostered then returned, apparently he has poor house manners and is not housebroken. While in foster care his fast track heartworm meds were ordered, but he must be in foster care before treatment can start ... today Pete got a foster home!


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12/17/15: Katie in her new foster home with Louie's Legacy Rescue

12/17/15: Katie has gone to a rescue, Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue in Ohio. SCP still has to pay for her surgery. Katie is happy and healthy thanks to Second Chance Pals.

We've added a couple pictures of Katie in her new foster home. She has a new foster brother who loves her already. I am very relieved to see her adjusting so well.

11/28/15: Today Katie had her stitches removed and she no longer needs the "cone of shame"! She is a very sweet and smart girl. She has been down a rough road with losing her right rear leg and learning to function on 3 legs. This has been a breeze for her. She is the happiest girl and so very loving. She has had no accidents in the house and has a regular schedule of outside visits. She will make someone a very loyal companion.

Click to see Katie playing

8/31/15: Katie is a 4 month old spayed female who came to the shelter with an injured leg. She had to have FHO surgery to reset the femur and hip joint. She is now in her second week of rehab and doing very well. She spends her days relaxing in a small kennel playing with her chicken flavored chew bone. She usually goes for a little walk out in the yard with me. In the evenings she sleeps in her crate with her stuffed squeaky toy. She is a very sweet pup. Her rehabilitation could take up to 3 months.

8/22/15: Katie came to the shelter with an old injury to her right rear leg. The injury caused the leg to turn outwards while she walked. After a medical check with the doctor it was determined that she needed FHO surgery. This is a procedure where the top of the femur bone is shaved so that it can ease back into the hip area where it belongs.

8/18/15 She had her surgery today and went into a foster home to recuperate. She is doing fantastic, already walking around and happy as can be!

Katie won't be available for adoption until the doctor says she is ready so we will keep you posted.

8/5/15: Katie is a hound mix, who was a stray, living the hard life on the streets, she had an injury to her hip that was never treated and heal on its own, she has been at the shelter a month, the hip doesn't slow her down but it is a very noticeable deformity. Katie is our newest scp, she is only 4 months old, 18 lbs.

The same foster has offered to take both Katie and Frazier ... YEA!!!


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12/24/15: Honey's Adopted!

12/4/2015: Honey's foster mom took her to the vet yesterday for an appointment because she had been coughing. When the Doctor looked at her, she said it was an abscess from her rotten teeth and she did a dental right then! She pulled at least 8 teeth but said it could have been more because they were crumbling. She advised the foster mom to wait a week before letting Honey travel, so Honey will stay in SCP foster care another week and Louie's will take her next week.

12/3/2015: Honey is going to Louise legacy rescue tomorrow!

11/20/15: Honey is a 13 year old Poodle whose owner called her Girlie most of the time. Her owner is in a nursing home with hospice care and the daughter and grandson live where they cannot have pets so the grandson brought her to us.

She is vetted, up-to-date on all shots, heartworm negative and is supposed to be spayed by MCAH.

Honey has a foster home lined up and will be taken in by Grey Muzzle Rescue.


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11/21/15: Freda has a home!




10/30/15: Freda is child friendly and is making great strides in sharing space with other dogs. She is extremely affectionate, seldom barks, perfect companion. In the photos, she is the fawn colored chihuahua.

10/5/15: This is Freda with her foster brothers. Freda is the light colored chihuahua in the back.

She is dog friendly, child friendly, quiet & house-trained. She uses the doggie door to go outside and comes right back inside ... she's not a nature lover! Most of all, she loves to cuddle with her human.

9/17/15: Freda is a snuggle bug who would stay by her human's side 24 hours a day.

She uses the doggie door, is very well mannered, and house-trained.

Freda is jealous and does not like to share anything ... not the couch or her human. She tends to growl and snap at the other dogs; we are working on the sharing. She might be happier as an only pet.

9/11/15: Freda is a 4 1/2 year old chihuahua.

Freda was an owner surrender, she came in with her 4 puppies. Freda has had all her shots, been spayed, microchiped, she is heartworm negative and is on heartworm prevention.

Freda has a heart murmur, 6 out of 6 on the scale, having puppies could be fatal for a dog with such murmur which shows how strong a girl she is.

Freda is housetrained and dog friendly. She's in a great foster home and getting along well with the other dogs.


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10/13/15: Betsy is a 10 year old, small Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix, currently in foster care.

She is an affectionate, well-behaved girl that sits for treats, loves to play fetch, house-trained & goes to the door to request her potty breaks and good on a leash. No problems with other dogs, but she's distrustful of men. Betsy tries to please her human and is very easy-going; even with an ear infection she didn't mind the vet checking her.

11/10/15: Betsy had her dental today, she had 3 teeth pulled. Betsy was accepted into rescue and will be leaving on Thursday Nov 12th.


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10/13/15: We have a little girl dog named Zoey, a 10 year old Pomeranian.

Zoey was abandoned in a house trailer with no food or water for about a week. The trailer's owner discovered her and surrendered her to the shelter. Zoey has cataracts in both eyes so her eyesight is limited. Zoey will be spayed and have a dental later this month.

Zoey is in a loving Second Chance Pals foster home and has been accepted by the Grey Muzzle Rescue group.

11/7/15: Zoey was reclaimed by her owner; apparently she was stolen from her owner around the first of the year, they have been watching the shelter website for her along with coming in looking for her. They saw her picture on the website and brought in proof of ownership. Zoey has a microchip but the information was not current; that has been corrected.

This is what Second Chance Pals is all about.


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10/18/15: Winston has been adopted!


9/17/15: Winston still has a severe ear infection which could have contributed to him having a seizure, he was given more medication and has a follow-up appointment in two weeks. He is in good spirits.

The Grey Muzzle Group is assisting with his re-homing.

8/25/15: Winston is a little Yorkie, between 10-13 years old here. He is neutered. He was a stray. He needs a dental and he needs his ears cleaned but he will have to have that done while under for the dental. Dr Barry tried yesterday but said it was too traumatic for him.

Just had a call from a woman offering to foster Winston, so we can place Winston into Bonnie's home immediately and have her take him to the vet for the dental treatment.


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10/19/2015 Sam sleeping in Tami’s room ... he gets plenty of sleep & love & he loves to eat.

10/14/2015 Sam has been adopted!!




7/26/15: I am Sam! Sam I Am! And I am lucky to be a Second Chance Pals (SCP) Cat, looking for my new forever indoor home. I am a big, handsome, neutered, sweet, distinguished gentleman of about 13 and I would like to be your favorite companion…do you want to be my favorite human?” Sam is a VERY friendly affectionate cat who loves head-butting for kisses.

He has had his Senior health exam and appears to be in excellent health... he does need a dental cleaning and that is scheduled for August 10th. Sam is available NOW for immediate adoption as he is already neutered. If he is adopted prior to his dental appointment (and we hope he is) you would have to transport him to and from the vet. All fees involved in the procedure will be paid for by Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA)/Second Chance Pals.

Sam will probably be happiest as an only pet – mostly so he can claim all available lap time as his! Sam is a great cat and he deserves a safe, secure, loving home. Sam needs no training, he already uses his litter box every time…you just need to show him where it is in his new home along with his food and water and bam! He is A+ on using his litter box! All pets adopted from MCAS are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped and have a new collar and name tag. Sam will also have clean teeth-BONUS!


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10/13/2015: Jake has a home!



9/24/15: Jake is not male friendly ... he does not like men. Jake should have a female owner.

8/25/15: Jake is a Chihuahua, possibly with some Pomeranian mixed in, and about 6 years old. He was surrendered due to landlord issues. He seems very calm and easygoing. He loves being on a lap. He can be shy around strangers and needs time to adjust to his new circumstances. He was very loved and well cared for in his previous home. He is used to being spoiled! He would really benefit from being out of the shelter and back in the comforts of a quiet home.


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10/10/2015 - Frazier has been adopted!!





10/3/15: Frazier has been taken in by rescue!

9/18/15: Frazier is housetrained, does not mark and when he needs to go outside he will go to the door and scratch the door to let you know....this is very good news.

8/31/15: Frazier is a 2 year old neutered male that just under went heartworm treatment one week ago. He has had a rough first week but is finally relaxing and fitting in at his foster home. Heartworm treatment is a strong treatment which requires the dog to be confined 30 days in a way to keep calm. The back is shaved and two injections of immiticide are given. Frazier took it hard for the first few days. So it has been hard to get to know him in the week he has been here because every effort was being made to help him relax. Yesterday he began to sit when asked and today he was shaking paw with me. It turns out that he has a very sweet soul. He sleeps in his crate every night next to another crated pup. He is envious that that pup has a squeak toy that he would love to tear into!

8/5/15: The same foster has offered to take both Katie and Frazier ... YEA!!! Frazier can now begin treatment for heartworm.

7/26/15: Frazier is a special-needs Second Chance Pal at the Monroe County Animal Shelter who needs a foster home for about 1 month. He tested positive for heart worm and is now being treated for this condition. Frazier has passed his SAFER test and is eligible for a Rescue Run after his treatment is completed. Treatment consists of two shots and a 2-day vet stay and then needs to be on Doxy for the next 28 days. During this time, he will require kennel rest for one week and then house rest for the remainder of the treatment.

He is a 2-year old shepherd Mix, weighing in at about 72 lbs., is friendly and good with other dogs. We believe he is not fully housebroken, but is in training to be a good houseguest. We can provide some washable doggie diapers during his training to make the transition to fully house trained much easier.

If you can provide the loving home for this abandoned dog for the next 30 days, please call the Monroe County Animal Shelter at 423-442-1015.


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10/01/15: Max has been taken in by a rescue!

9/6/15: Max is a neutered male Jack Russell Terrier mix ... housebroken and loves to sleep with his person. He doesn't care much for riding in the car, but he'll go if needed! He gets along with other dogs and with cats.

Max was seen by the vet, he is in good health, good teeth no dental needed. Max is in foster care, he walks well on a leash and is a good house guest.

Max will be attending the PetSmart adoptathon Sept 11, 12, 13, at the Alcoa PetSmart.


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SCP    SCP  

9/24/15: Dusty was accepted into SCP and immediately sponsored by our Grey Muzzle Organization grant money. He has a cataract in one eye, has been groomed, had a dental, blood work and was neutered. He has been taken in by a rescue group.


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Minnie's New Mom! 09/17/15

SCP    SCP  

9/16/15: Well....this is rather remarkable, MCAH redid x-rays (at no charge) they feel amputation is NOT NECESSARY!

The femur is not broken, ether Minnie is a fast healer or the first set of x-rays had a bad angle, bottom line, no amputation! Dr Murphy says her hip will not heal to perfection but Minnie should not need further treatment. Minnie will have her spay surgery today, she will be adopted tomorrow.

I spoke with Pam Lagasse, she is very excited and wants to adopt ASAP, she will work out the time of adoption with Helen.

Pam knows Minnie needs a low activity level for the next 4 to 6 weeks and the vet gave the release for Minnie to be adopted.

9/6/15: Minnie is a miniature pincher; her age is guessed to be 2 or 3 years old; she weighs 12 lbs. Minnie came in to the shelter as a stray hit by a car, she was held on a stray hold and no one came to claim her. She has been seen by the vet and requires her rear right leg amputated. We have scheduled the surgery for September 16.

We have an excellent foster home for her and she will be in the best of care.


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8/22/15: Lucy went to Ohio, sponsored by Grey Muzzle Rescue with our partner Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, was adopted yesterday!!!!

Grey Muzzle Rescue posted a write up, which we all shared on social media. I would like to think it was all our efforts that made this possible.

I wanted to share the good news.

8/17/15: Lucy has colitis and is now on antibiotics. Her foster mom was on top of things and got her to the vet right away. Lucy is resting after her first dose of medication; she should show improvement in 24 hours.

7/29/15: Lucy may have inflammation in her spine, could be arthritis, the vet has put her on meds for 10 days to see if there is improvement, (she may need meds to for the rest or her life), Her legs are not affected by this it's just her back, which might be sensitive (painful).


5/30/15: Lucy is a sweet girl who loves soft food and TV ... she is gentle and gets along with other dogs and kids. She uses peepads as well as going outside.

Lucy likes to sleep with her foster mom, she is a little shy until she gets to know you. She enjoys both indoors and being outside, her foster mom has a fenced in yard with a nice porch and Lucy has settled in nicely. Her bald spot on her back side is coming along nicely, since the fleas are gone her hair is returning. If anyone is interested in meeting lucy they can call the shelter and give their contact information and Rose (the foster mom will contact them asap), or message me with their contact information and I will pass it along. Lucy is absolutely precious.

5/26/15: Lucy is healing up nicely after her surgery and dental. She enjoys being outside and laying on the porch and is a very good inside dog. She is housetrained. Friendly with other dogs.

Picture of "L" making her bed :)

5/21/15: Lucy had her spay surgery today, she was microchipped, all shots updated, plus had a dental, she had to have 9 infected teeth pulled. Lucy was given a pro heart shot which will protect her from heartworms for 6 months. Lucy has a flea allergy with some hair loss on her back side, so we have her on nexguard for flea and tick prevention. Tonight Lucy is in a loving foster home.


5/19/15: Lucy is a 7 year old yorkie/schnauzer mix - female. She is HW negative but does need a dental.She passed her SAFER on 5/14/2015. She accepts handling but is slightly uncomfortable with too much till she gets to know you. She is a sweet pup.


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8/20/15: Willa is Adopted!



Willa is a lovable little thing. She has become less needy and will quietly lie on the bed or in a chair with us. She's even content on the rug near us. She is slowly overcoming her fear of the hardwood floors and stairs. She's learned to use the doggie door even though she has to walk up and down a ramp. However she is still a little nervous and not house broken. Every time i take her out, she pees or poops but she hasn't put it together..out doggie door to do her business! She'll readily go out for walks around farm, is both dog and cat friendly. She's fine on a leash, is not at all a yapper ...hardly barks at all. She sleeps all night in a pen or washroom and never makes a sound. I don't think she'd do too well around kids cuz she's so small. I think with time and love she'll be a wonderful pet!

7/26/15: Willa went to her first vet check and the vet feels she has been spayed, (with females it is hard to tell), she has a cloudy eye that we thought might be cataracts but the vet thinks it's an injury that will heal with time, no treatment necessary. Willa will have her dental (teeth cleaned) this coming week.

Willa is still shy in her new surrounding, being surrendered to the shelter is a scary experience but is not aggressive and is learning to trust her new foster parents.

7/11/15: Willa is a 7 year old spayed Chihuahua. Found as a stray, she is very timid, not aggressive. She has a cloudy eye which has turned out to be an injury and should clear up. She is now in foster care.


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Animal ID

Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Lab/Mix 
Age 10 yrs 
Sex Spayed Female 
Size Large 
Color Grey 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Monroe County Animal Shelter 
Location Kennel 
Intake Date 6/9/2015 
ARN 150609D 
7/31/15: Lucy the lab went to Louise legacy rescue in Cincinnati Ohio.

6/25/15: Lucy is now in a foster home, she has a dental scheduled for next week. More updates to follow. This is Lucy on her first day in her new foster home.

Three hours here and she is snoring!

6/23/15: This is lucy, she is a 10 year old lab mix that was surrendered to the shelter due to her owners poor health. She needs a dental and she has passed her safer testing. She is very sweet.


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7/27/2015 - Belinda has a home!


6/23/15: Belinda is an older beagle mix (a blue tick beagle). She is at least 8 ... she was surrendered to the shelter on May 29 because she strayed into someone's yard and they did not want to keep her. She was sweet but had a tumor on her right hind leg and infected ears. She went into foster that day as a Second Chance Pal!


What is she like? Belinda is a sweetheart and would make a great addition to any person or family wanting an older house dog, companion and best friend. She would be especially good for an older person who would love a best friend and walking companion to keep themselves healthy but does not want to deal with a puppy! She gets along with other dogs, has been fostered with a small younger dog and puppies, lives with a golden retriever, and is visited by 3 other large dogs. She also was a big hit with my visiting young grandsons and they tested her patience so I believe it is safe to say she is ok with kids! She likes men and women and strangers soon become friends. She has shown no aggression of any kind while in this foster home.

Her favorite things to do are to eat and go for walks. She will need regular exercise so as not to become overweight as often happens to older dogs. She walks on leash so her beagle nose does not lead her astray. While outside off leash she should be supervised for that same reason or in a secure yard. But she mostly just wants to be with her human so she follows me outside and returns inside when I do.

She is housebroken and will stay in a crate when I am gone, I let her stay in the house with my dog with no accidents or problems and she joyfully greets me on my return. She is allowed on the furniture and the couch is her favorite. She also likes to sleep on our bed at night …. And we just let her join our dog there. She does have a dog bed she will use.


Her history: Belinda had spay surgery and had the tumor removed, had a dental and one tooth pulled on June 4. The tumor left a large wound on her foot and since it could not be stitched it was dressed and bandaged. Her infected ears were also packed and she was given a 6 month heartworm preventative shot. Her foot sure did not keep her from getting around! Bless her heart, she did have some setbacks. First she developed a cough and chest congestion that improved for a few days after and antibiotic injection but returned, making a chest x-ray necessary. She was diagnosed with mild congestive heart failure and started on Lasix (a diuretic) to remove the fluid in her lungs.

Amazingly, she has not slowed down much by all this, but you could sure tell when she felt better! On June 16 she had her stitches removed and her dressings removed from her foot. The vet was amazed at how well her foot had healed in such a short time and how much better her lungs sounded! He redressed her foot for quicker healing and said to continue the Lasix and re-evaluate her later. Her ears were still infected so she was started on Myotic ear medicine. She completed 15 days of antibiotic following her surgery. And she is well on her way to recovery!!!

Future care: She may or may not have to stay on medication for congestive heart failure. Time will tell. The vet thinks it was brought on by stress of surgery. Her foot, once healed, will be fine ... but there is always the possibility that the tumor will return sometime down the road, even though all was removed. She has no decreased mobility due to her age, that is for sure! She can jump up on the couch and bed, run and play but she will need continued good nutrition and no overfeeding and over treating and continued exercise and activity to keep her girlish figure.

She is also possibility allergic to something making her itch. She has been treated for fleas, now off antibiotics and has started eating limited ingredient (fish and potato) dog food… which is what my dog with food allergies eats. We shall see…..

6/16/15: Belinda got her stitches out today and we undressed her foot and he checked it and he and Sarah are so pleased with how it has healed up much better than they expected he redressed it saying it would heal faster that way. Her lungs sound better she will stay on the diuretic ... but basically a good report.

6/4/15: Belinda had her surgery today. I also transported to Lexington so I am beat and too tired to type a long note.


Spay done... no problems

Ears were badly infected...swollen shut.....packed for now and she's on antibiotics.

Tumor removed... large...not enough skin to suture....wrapped for now. Must stay wrapped and dry.

5/30/15: Belinda is a 5/6 year old beagle, she has a tumor on her rear foot that will be removed Thursday when she has her spay surgery. She is in a safe loving foster home waiting for adoption.


She had an accident in the house only once (being in a new environment), so I think we can say she is housetrained. She is dog friendly although puppies get on her nerves. She sleeps well in a crate at night.


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6/20/15: Nipper is an excellent little companion and recommended for someone who only wants one dog. Nipper is housebroken and crate trained. He enjoys his belly rubs and likes to hang out on the deck in a lounge chair.

As he has settled into his foster home Nipper has shown he should be an only child/pet, with no children or other pets in the home. He tends to guard his food, he doesn't like to share, because of this he did not pass the ‘hand test’ at a behavior evaluation. He enjoys squeaky toys and playing in the yard, he like to strategically place his toys around the yard.

If you know someone looking for a loving companion please have them call the shelter to arrange a meet and greet.


5/16/2015: Nipper is a very friendly six year old Jack Russell Terrier/Mix that was found by a local couple while in an uninhabited part of the North Carolina Mountains. Nipper was limping and had a black tire mark on his hind end. The couple took him to a local veterinarian where he was examined and brought up to date on his vaccinations. He is heartworm negative and currently on heart worm preventative medication.

He is currently on a 30 day anti inflammatory medication for discomfort in his hind end. He has responded to this treatment very well and is running and jumping without a problem. When he first came into foster he had acquired an upper respiratory infection and was placed on an antibiotic for ten days. He has recovered from that cold and is doing very well.

He was neutered on April 30 and also had his dental exam. His teeth were cleaned and he didn't have to have any pulled.

Nipper gets along with all the dogs in this foster home. He is housebroken and crate trained. He does well in a fenced in yard. He will not share his chew bone or food. If another dog goes near him while he is eating or has his bone he will growl at them, otherwise he is fine.

Nipper really enjoys being close to a human. He cuddles on the couch or a chair and will lay on his back for belly rubs. He has a comical personality. He will sit up on his back legs for a treat. He tends to travel around the house and yard on his own. He is very independent and appears to be use to being alone. Nipper enjoys hanging out with the man of this home while he works on projects out in the shed area. He likes to be a part of everything that is going on. If you are looking for a little companion who will keep you company anytime than Nipper is the dog for you.


4/8/2015: Nipper is a 6 yr old JRT mix who also has some medical issues. We took him to Dr Gs today and we also had a report where the folks who found him had taken him to Creekside.

He was found in the mountains in an uninhabited part of the NC mountains. Creekside said he had some trauma in the back end. Dr G said it seemed swollen and he would put him on antibiotics for 30 days. He has had his shots and trifexis and is HW neg. He does need a dental and to be neutered.

Esther is willing to foster him for SCP after Monday. She has 9 pups that will either leave tomorrow to Atlanta or Monday to Go North and then she would be free.


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7/3/18 Belle Update

Belle    Belle
6/20/15: Good news from the Monroe County Friends of Animals!

6/12/2016: Update from Pets for Patriots' "Wet Nose Blog" ...
This wonderful adoption story that was made possible through our partnership with Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA) is now published on our Wet Nose Blog, and will be shared with our thousands of email subscribers and 167k+ strong Facebook fans:

We hope you enjoy it and share it with your staff, with our gratitude! Thank you for your contributions to making stories like this possible.


Beth Zimmerman
Executive Director

Pets for Patriots, Inc.
877-4-PETCADET (877-473-8223)

6/20/15: Group photos show Belle's foster parents Jim and Jan Aleska (rear), foster Mom Colleen Wallace, (left front) and Carl Jones and Suzanne Reinhardt.

Belle had a chance to meet her new adoptive Dad for the first time today in Madisonville and they will make quite a team. Carl Jones is a disabled military veteran from Florida who was looking for a new companion with therapy dog skills and Belle was a homeless disabled German Shepherd looking for a best friend to share her life with.

Belle was born missing a back foot and has been fitted with a prosthesis manufactured and donated by Derrick Campana of Animal Ortho Care in Chantilly, VA. Over a 5 month period, the device was fitted and adjusted several times by Dr. Marty Drum at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital.

Belle has been lovingly cared for in two foster homes where she blossomed from the terrified dog that had been turned in to the Monroe County Animal Shelter in January, to the calm, loving beauty that she is today. Carl and his wife, Suzanne Reinhardt will be able to bring her to therapy dog classes near their home in Florida to help her learn the specific skills she'll need to be Carl's very, very best friend. Today she walks with pride thanks to the support and care of the entire Team Belle.

4/14/15: This is Belle, she has been in Second Chance Pals for a while now, we have not listed her because she was not ready for adoption. She came to the shelter with what the vet called a birth defect; she has one rear foot missing. Her prosthetic foot was donated by the company that makes them.


Here are some updates on our girl Belle (newest first).

5/6/15: You should know that I dote on affection. I am especially fond of neck massages, chest scratches and belly rubs. In fact, you could probably pet me all day long and I wouldn’t mind. I am a little unsure of rib pats, but if you are careful, I like that too. When I get to know and trust you as I do with my new best friends, Jim and Jan, I will watch wherever you go and will be by your side.

I am a very good girl who is loyal to those I love, but I must admit that I am not happy if you give some of that love to another dog. I could learn to be tolerant of other animals once I am satisfied that you still love me best. Then my little jealous streak will probably go away. I know that I am not perfect but I am so beautiful an d I do protect those I love.


I mentioned before that I will sometimes bark or growl at strangers to protect my best friends, but I will relent if they tell me it is okay. I have attached a picture of me sniffing and licking the hand of one of those strangers in the neighborhood once Jim said it was okay.

My greetings are usually very enthusiastic and there is an attached video of me doing just that. I am a good girl and very happy when treated with love and gentle commands. Did you notice my beautiful tail?

Some of you have asked about my age. Well, a girl never likes to tell exactly, so let’s just say I’m somewhere between 1-1/2 and 2 years old.

I can be coy, curious and playful. However, being the good girl that I am, such intimacies are reserved for those that I love and love me back. When I get excited, I tend to “mouth” a little bit. I like to think of it as similar to ear nibbles, but I will stop if you don’t want me to do it. Don’t yell, just tell me quietly.




5/3/15: Here is Belle in her modified prosthesis. Taken today.

5/2/15: My name is Belle. I am a female German Shepherd. You probably want to know a few statistics about me and that is fine. A girl likes to know when people are interested enough to “check her out”. I am relatively small at 57 lbs., but I am all German Shepherd, A sweetie! I have a beautiful face even if I do say so myself. Now, my tail is something to really brag on. It is thick, long and luxurious. If you are nice to me, I may wag it for you.
When I was born, the back part of me was incomplete. I have an incomplete rear leg and the other rear leg has an incomplete foot. For that reason, Second Chance Pals, Dr. Drum @ UT Vet and a host of others including my best friends Jim and Jan have provided me with a prosthetic for my incomplete leg and helped me adjust to wearing and using it. It has taken a while to get it sized correctly, but I am nearing the end of that process and will have a permanent one made very soon. I am looking forward to that and then seeing what they can do about my incomplete foot so I can go on long walks.

Today has been a wonderful day so far. It started with my friend Jan taking me out for my morning constitutional. I let her put my prosthetic on all by herself. It is wonderful to be able to use that leg to walk. My right hip is a little weak since I never used it much before, but I am quickly getting into shape now and use that leg almost like it was always there.

When we came back inside, it was time for the morning reinforcement of the pack and it is wonderful to be accepted and fully included. I can hardly explain how much joy is in my heart, so I bounce and run around on the bed and in the house. Today I wagged my tail so hard that it made me change directions!

I am told that I am a good girl and am eager and anxious to please. Make no mistake though ... I am a real GSD and will often warn strangers who approach my house or friends with barks and/or a growl. There is no viciousness on my part and will settle if my friends (Jim & Jan) tell me it is okay.

If you are interested, I will send more information and pictures…maybe even a video that you may watch. This “on-line friending” is new to me, so we shall start slowly.

4/28/15: If you might be wondering what is new with Belle, we some information for you.

Last night we had a few couples over for an evening together. Belle announced her displeasure with so many strangers in the house, then quietly stayed upstairs while we went down to the bar area for an evening of drinks, snacks and conversation, Apparently, there were just too many strangers in a confined space.

This morning I showered as usual, but proceeded to get out some dress clothes in preparation for a funeral today. Belle quickly ascertained the difference and what it would mean in terms of our leaving the house. So, while I watched and called to her in vain, she proceeded to a small stand in our bedroom, pinched (stole) my wallet with her little front teeth and carried it into her kennel. She definitely as her own priorities! I can only conclude, as Belle did, that if the wallet doesn’t go anywhere, then neither will I.

4/25/15: Belle does have her faults that will need to be corrected over time with her forever owners. The specific one that we have noticed is her lack of tolerance with other dogs of any size or deportment.

We first thought it might be due to a confined space environment…no. Then we thought it might be due to competition for treats…no. Even though she may initially greet other dogs nicely and politely, the situation can turn in an instant if she senses someone near her rear. At this point, I judge that to be a reaction to her weakest area. She will half charge and snap and show plenty of teeth along with being vocal, but does not pursue the attack. It is as if she says “just leave me alone!” I am not entirely satisfied that we have figured this all out yet, but it does mean that she will require patient socialization with other dogs over time.

Regarding humans, she is suspicious and wary often emitting a low growl and showing her hackles. It requires that I engage the individual in conversation telling her that it is okay and she can check it out for herself. She will look to me for guidance and will then carefully sniff and allow touching/petting followed by relaxation and indifference.

I believe that neither of these things are forever or deal breakers. However, new owners should be aware that one of their jobs will be that of de-sensitizing her to these situations. Frequent contact with other humans and dogs will be essential in her development.

On a good note…if you like to go for a ride with your dog, this is one eager girl.


4/21/15 Medical: Tomorrow Belle will be with Dr. Gobble for a nail trim and ear cleaning. He will use gas so that she will be recovered for the trip to UT.

Then, we will be at UT with Dr. Drum for an evaluation on the prosthetic and Belle’s adaptation.

One curiosity/concern that I have regarding Belle is her consumption of water and her feces. To us as former Ridgeback owners, her consumption of water seems a little much. Also, her feces seems a bit too loose for what we would regard as normal.


4/21/15 Progress: Good news on many fronts as Belle has continued to progress. She weathered the storm fairly well with only moderate panting.

She has allowed Jan to remove and install the prosthetic without my having to hold her collar and sooth her. This was a first today.

Belle will need plenty of breath fresheners because she is a fastidious cleaner of her paws, legs and privates.

Belle regularly asks then demands attention and most especially scratching of the neck and chest along with belly rubs. Surprisingly, she also allows gentle rubbing of the hind quarters and back legs.

She will eat more than she should if you continually feed her. At times, however, when not hungry, she will pass up a bowl of food for a while. We have been rather generous in this regard as she seemed a little underweight, needed to bulk up on her rear muscles and it is a convenient and effective teaching/reinforcing tool.

As a young dog, she also has a need to chew on things. She is obedient and will stop messing with something she shouldn’t have if told so. However, curiosity is a strong drive for her when she has the confidence and will get into things that she shouldn’t. Therefore, it will be important to keep her occupied with things that she enjoys chewing on.

Belle is now comfortable enough to enjoy playing and shows great enthusiasm for romping. She has a tendency to ‘mouth’ as part of the routine. We allow this to a limited degree and then give soft-spoken, but firm instructions to cease which she understands.

Separation anxiety will always be somewhat of an issue with her, but her tolerance of a kennel and her willingness to go in it for a small treat makes it an easy task. She does not seemed stressed upon our return and anxious to greet.

Her Shepherd breed is coming out more frequently. Previously, when strangers approached, she would circle away from them and approach very carefully to investigate. Lately, she seems to be standing her ground a little more. Two days ago I was outside sitting in a lawn chair with her on a leash. A neighbor approached and began to speak with me. Keep in mind that I was sitting in the chair and in a ‘compromised’ position relative to my neighbor standing near me. Belle stood to the side and slightly rear of my chair and emitted two low growls with no backing away. Once I stood up she began to approach and sniff my neighbor, looking at me and seemingly understanding as I told her it was okay.

We will attempt to take some video tomorrow. At this point, I believe Belle will be adoptable within another 2 weeks. It should be understood, however, that some regression is to be expected, until she becomes accustomed to her new home and owners.

As we look back, it is gratifying to remember that all of this progress has been accomplished in only two weeks.


4/17/15: Belle is coming along fine and is showing more interest in playing. Tail wagging is becoming more frequent.

We had another pee accident in the house today. While I would say she is house trained for the most part, it is important not to miss the signals when they are given. I had just brought her in from a good poop and fed her. She also drank a lot of water and I mistakenly took my shoes off and busied myself with chores. When I looked up after some pestering by her, it was too late. Note to myself…be more attentive to her signals.

Belle has decided it is okay to roll over and get her belly rubbed on occasion…another big deal!

Today was a trip to Love-a-pet to buy some Diamond Naturals lamb and rice, a chew rope, some breath additive for her water and some treats. SOMEBODY stole a piggy ear on the way out!

We are sort of rejoicing since the bill for the shades is only $1600…thought it was going to be much worse. That should be a reminder to all that Belle has some separation anxiety and it is best to crate her with some soft music and something to chew on to relieve the tension while away. She tolerates the crate very well.

Another note of interest…if she wants something such as help getting down from the bed , she will let you know with a distinctive bark. Aha…there is quite a personality in there and just beginning to come out.

Belle is scheduled with our local Vet next week for sedation, nail trim and getting some flea and tick topical.

She is also beginning to show some restlessness at times which I judge to be a need to get out and romp around. We will have to improvise, but her forever home should have a fenced yard where she can run around or an owners firm commitment to go regularly to a dog park. If we can get the prosthetic finalized and attend to the partial paw on the other leg, we would like to try her out on longer walks and maybe even walking alongside the golf cart…maybe.

We will be attempting to do some filming soon for all to see.


4/15/15: Belle finished the evening last night with a decision. She decided that it wasn’t necessary to be kenneled in the master shower and she was perfectly able to sleep on her own on the couch. She didn’t feel the need to come into the bedroom until 4am! Pretty brave I’d say.

The morning was the usual greeting and re-establishing of the pack followed by a hearty breakfast.

When she visits UT next there needs to be some maintenance on the prosthetic. The rubber pad is peeling away at the top and will need to be re-cemented.

A visit to Knoxville Animal Clinic and Dr. Priest was positive. Belle has less stiffness in her back and is moving remarkably well. Dr. Priest agrees that the prosthetic appears to be a bit tall.

Progress continues.


4/14/15:Belle is with new foster parents and things are going well with her.

She is excited to go outside in the morning and even throughout the day. She often gets very puppyish and does her version of running and jumping. Belle becomes quite animated and likes to mouth and play, but ever so gently.

Hopefully, the inside potty problems have gone away. Yesterday, we heard a slight yip which came from her as she was sitting upright on “her” tempurpedic bed. When asked if she wanted to go outside she became very animated and followed us to the door. She went outside and peed and was rewarded and praised for that.

Until now it has been a little difficult to assess her personality, but that is changing quickly. She is a Shepherd and we are beginning to see that. Knock on the door and it elicits a clear bark or two and she is aloof with strangers, with more attention and watchfulness rather than the total fear and timidity that we saw previously.

She has liked the other dogs that she has met with one exception and growled at it. These are things that can be handled, but I am encouraged to see her making decisions rather than cowering and just waiting for something to happen.

Jan just finished feeding her and she came into the office here and began to paw at my hand. If I am reading her correctly, she is telling me it is time to go outside and potty.

Outside Belle is now more alert and much less fearful taking in all the sounds and scenes.

She is eating well and does not appear to be food possessive at this point

Belle is already wearing the prosthetic for most of the day with no visible after effects. It should be noted that the rubber pad is beginning to separate from the metal.

I will stick my neck out and offer an assessment regarding her future. If properly trained, Belle has the potential to become a registered therapy dog. This is going to be a great dog for the correct owner.


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7/20/18: Today is JJ’s 3rd Birthday/Gottcha Day with his forever family. He was adopted 6-20-15 at a PetSmart event. Here’s a great picture of him in a Belk bag.
From his Mom:
Here’s our JJ who we adopted from y'all and he's the best kitty we've ever had...

6/29/15: We love-love-love our little boy JJ. He is the perfect kitty! We take him to our vet tomorrow. He goes totally bonkers over potatoe chips. Every time I set foot in the kitchen he believes my purpose for being there is to serve him. We grill every night and the amount of crying jumping and begging is almost unbelievable. We imagine his former parents fed him people food a lot. Since he's eight we are giving him good people food like grilled chicken, turkey and lean steak in addition to his cat food.



He loves my house plants and I've had to move them out of reach. He responds however real well to our discipline of "no". We are so thrilled to have a cat that is in retirement just like us! JJ is so affectionate and pure sweetness! Hope you enjoy his pics. We are so careful with him because he thinks every open door means he has to go check it out. He does not attempt to bolt out the front door thankfully. He had loving and good parents that enjoyed treating him like a human! We will carry on with most of that too!

Thanks again for our JJ and our chance to love and protect him!

6/20/15: JJ has been adopted! He will be moving to his new home in Nashville tomorrow and eventually moving to Maryville….I happened to be at PetSmart today for about 20 minutes and met and talked with his new parents for a bit (perfect timing!)… was a perfect fit except they winter in a no pet condo in FL for 3 months and they would board him….we discussed this and no cat really is a cage cat for 3 solid months….we agreed that this might not be in JJ’s best interest……so they left…. and called Noreen about 4 hours later and said they would hire a sitter to stay in their house with him during the months they are gone-the right thing for any pet…Noreen and Lucy are meeting up with them tomorrow morning to complete the adoption!!!!

6/17/15: JJ is done with his dental, after his teeth were cleaned it was easier to determine that he did not require any extractions! He’s doing fine and is ready to go to PetSmart Friday/Saturday-Dr. Murphy has cleared him for this.

6/4/15: The thyroid test results were 2.2, within normal range. He does not need any medications at this time. He just needs a home with a responsible owner who will follow up on his current dental issues and on future medical checkups and care.

6/3/15: JJ saw Dr. Lively this morning….she grades his heart murmur as a 2-3. He does have some dental work that should be done by his adopter. She is a bit leery of the thyroid Snap test results and suggested the IDEXX test to confirm the results (Her facility does not use the Snap Thyroid test due to conflicting results between it and the IDEXX). We should have the results of the IDEXX test tomorrow.

5/30/15: JJ has had the most incredible luck ... one of our local vets has volunteered to perform an ultra-sound for JJ on Wednesday, 6/3, and determine exactly what he needs to maintain his health. Meeting JJ today was a real treat ... sweet, loving boy even with a complete stranger such as myself. He was out, walking around for a bit and enjoying all of the attention. No reaction to a nearby dog or any of the other cats.

5/27/15: Blood work for the thyroid test was run and his thyroid is normal.

5/21/15: JJ went to the vet today, his age is not 2 years old; he is more in the area of 7 or 8 years old. His heart murmur is a 3 of 6. We are getting blood work done to find out if his thyroid is an issue.

5/20/15: JJ is a 2 year old neutered male, he has a slight heart murmur (3 out of 6 on scale ). SCP is getting a second opinion on him but the murmur might keep him from going to rescue but will not hinder his quality of life. He is a big boy, not fat but big, weight 13lbs, he is friendly and gentle, doesn't mind being picked up and loved on, he likes to be vocal, not whining just vocal. He is ok going in his crate and does fine in the car, no issues with using the litter box, but he does need a large one. He is grey and white with big orange eyes. I will attach a photo. We are looking to put him in a foster home, but we don't have any scp cat fosters at the moment.

Also he is fine with other cats, and would be fine with cat savvy older children.


5/19/2015: This is JJ, we are making him a scp candidate, he has a heart murmur that we are getting checked. JJ would benefit from a loving foster home.


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4/21/15: Brandi has a home!
4/21/15: First the good news: Brandi is going to be ADOPTED today!!!! The couple in my neighborhood decided to proceed with this adoption and will follow through with her medical needs. SCP will be paying for the hip surgery to be scheduled since we had already agreed to do that before we had an adopter in the picture. Sindy reminded me that the fundraising for Brandi has brought in over $800!
Adding to the results of Brandi's post-op X-Rays, Dr. Gobble gave us a quote for this hip surgery, and I think it best to continue with the same surgeon who performed the surgery on her broken leg. I talked with Dr. Gobble this morning about when this surgery should be scheduled, and he recommended that we wait for a month or two to be sure that the broken leg side is well healed and comfortable for her.

I described her lack of using the leg, and he suggested massaging that leg as much as possible to help with the scar tissue. This morning I sat on the floor and massaged that leg. During her afternoon walk, she actually used the leg a little bit, about every third step or so. It was so exciting. I'm surprised I did not trip over my own feet because my eyes were glued to her rear legs the entire walk.

She is not crazy about having the massage done, and is mouthing my hand as I stroke the leg. No aggression, just a little mouthing.

3/4/2015: Brandi had to have her leg repaired yesterday - the pins were coming through and the hole was getting a little too large for my comfort level. Dr. Gobble shortened the pins and sutured the area. (Thankfully, at no charge.) However, she is now confined to kennel rest for the next four weeks. It makes me so sad to see her in that kennel, after knowing freedom of the house the entire time she has been here.

I asked Dr. G for some meds that might make her calm and sleepy which he gave me. She has had a couple of doses of not only her anti-inflammatory pill but the "calmer" as well. I really do not see any difference. She is so unhappy being in the kennel. Now I do more work in the kitchen than in my office so she can see me and not feel so alone. The next four weeks are going to be difficult for her, and it breaks my heart to see her so sad. I'm hoping the weather will break soon and we have a real spring. We can bring the kennel out to the porch, and at least she can watch the great outdoors during the day.

Hope to have better news with the next update.

3/1/2015: I was really concerned about Brandi when I brought her home last Thursday. Her legs look atrophied and she was not using either of the back legs. She walked like a circus dog as I mentioned in my last email. By Saturday, I knew I had to do something for her. Since Dr Gobble's office was closed, I called Liz to see if there was anything she could do to help. She suggested an anti-inflammatory, which probably would help with pain. Brandi was probably not using the leg at all because it hurt! Duh. I gave her a small amount of the anti-inflammatory on Saturday night and by Sunday, it was amazing the difference it made. She is using her left rear leg more and placing a little bit of weight on that injured leg. Her mood has also improved. She is picking up toys and wanting to play for short periods. Her walk is still very compromised, but at least she is using all four legs. I will call Dr G on Monday morning to get a proper prescription to keep her pain-free and mobile. She is such a love!
2/26/2015: Alan and I returned home last night from Florida. Yipes! I feel like I'm in Minnesota with all this snow. From sunshine, palm trees and temps in the 80's to this?

Andy Fox fostered Brandi while I was away and said that one of her pins in her leg was working its way out and that the area around it looked tender and red. I asked him to meet me at Dr. Gobble's office this morning to have the leg checked. Dr. Gobble removed her stitches from the surgery and cut the protruding portion of the pin just to shorten it a bit. He also put in a couple of staples to close that little opening around the pin. Said this was a normal occurrence (not for me!).

She is back home with us and I think she is using her rear legs less now than before I left town. It is very awkward and she seems to walk only on her front two legs. I am really concerned that the muscles in the rear are going to atrophy. Dr. Gobble had a full afternoon with Health checks for the shelter animals, so I will wait till the end of day to pose this question. She is cleared to do a little more walking, but if she doesn't use the rear legs, how does this help? Will let you know more when I find out.

Regardless, she is in very good spirits. What a super dog.

2/18/2015: Because Alan & I are leaving town, I found another foster to take care of Brandi while we are gone - thank goodness. She was progressing so well, but the doctor said to keep her calm for six weeks! Ha, Brandi is so wanting to play, it's hard to ignore her. What a loving animal. I'm going to miss her while we are away. Good thing the new foster picked her up on Monday, considering what happened at the shelter. With their power outage, they had to remove the animals and place them somewhere warm and safe. Many of the animals were relocated to the Thrift Store Annex and the rest went to homes of our dedicated volunteers. I took two since I did not have Brandi here anymore and had the room.

If power is not restored by today, we will have to take our new foster dogs to the Annex to join the rest of the population as we are leaving town in the morning.


Please visit this web link to donate toward Brandi's surgeries, mention Brandi or SCP when you make a donation.
Thank you!

2/13/15: Yippee folks! I just posted a plea for foster care for Brandi and I had an immediate response from a family in TV who will take her. I posted the message on Nextdoor, the first time I have used the site, and it worked within 5 minutes!

Andy, one of the managers at the Yacht Club, called me and wants to foster Brandi. I got to know Andy through the many years of events for MCFA and our women's club. I am sooooo relieved to know that she will be well taken care of in a home environment and he has a fenced-in yard. He wants to come pick her up on Monday. By then, she should be a lot steadier on her legs.

2/13/20150: She had a quiet night, but was extremely uncomfortable this morning. Did not want anything to drink and only ate what I offered from my hand. She would not get up to go outside, so Alan and I used a sturdy board to carry her in her bed to bring her to the grass. As soon as we laid her down on the ground, she got up, stood on the grass and peed like a firehose! She had held in her urine for probably over 24 hours. After that relief, she valiantly tried to walk around, but using only her front legs and dragging the rear ones. Made me very weepy to say the least. We finally got her back into her bed and carried her back inside. Only then did she drink water, a lot of it. Obviously, this sweet dog is house trained.

The movement made her more uncomfortable, so I called Dr. Gobble's office to ask for some pain meds. We should have had some when we left his office yesterday!

Whenever you walk into her room, you can hear her tail slapping the floor. She loves company.

2/12/2015: Picked up Brandi from Dr. Gobble's office, and she is in great discomfort. Thank goodness Alan came with me because it took both of us to carry her into our house, being ever so careful not to jostle her bedding (which we brought with us). We put a rigid board under the bed to minimize any movement. She has not moved since we laid the bed on the floor.

While at Dr. Gobble's, I asked what is wrong with the hip (on the opposite side of the broken leg)? May have a VERY small hairline fracture, but it is dislocated. Stitches to be removed in 10-14 days.

He tried to get the ball joint back into the socket, succeeded, but it did not stay in.

2/11/2015: Brandi was the victim of a hit and run, a witness stayed with her as she laid in the ditch and called animal control, the good Samaritan gave her water while they waited. Animal control brought her to the shelter, she has a broken leg that requires pins to heal properly. Doctor Gobble will do a set of ex rays tomorrow to confirm that there are no more injuries. IF he finds something else we will have to discuss what we should do next.

Even though she was very hurt she was sweet and gentle to everyone trying to help her, which says a lot about this dogs temperament.

She is a very sweet girl, she has been in a crate in the kitchen since she came in. She has never made a sound, but wags her tail when I speak to her.


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04/16/15 Update: Virginia had her tail removed and has gone to "go north" rescue.

02/11/15 Update: Virginia has a foster home. Virginia is the one who must have dental and her tail removed, I do not have contact information yet on her foster family, only a name, I will get the foster contract with the information asap. I just wanted to up date everyone on her status.

02/03/15: Virginia is a 3 year old Hound mix, we are listing her as a Second Chance Pal, Virginia has passed her safer testing and has been accepted to a rescue. Virginia cannot got to rescue until she has a dental plus her tail has been broken/injured and was not treated in a timely manner, it must be amputated the total cost of the vetting will be less than 300$, I have given Liz the approval to get the vetting done, we will do the vetting even if we cannot solicit a foster home, this is not our normal procedure but this dog will go to rescue as soon as she is healed. Our normal procedure would require a foster home first.



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02/15/15: Ricky's new family drove all the way from Indiana to adopt this sweet, blind pup. After an extremely rough life, Ricky will now have the life every dog deserves - to be loved and cared for as part of a family. Congratulations! This adoption is Ricky approved! TY Esther for making this adoption possible!
01/26/15: Ricky came to the shelter as a stray in November of 2014 and was adopted by a couple that understood he was blind. They were ok with his blindness. In January Animal Control brought Ricky in after he was found scared and under a house. They had to climb under the house to get him. Since he had been adopted he had a microchip. So the shelter scanned him. The ACO paid a visit to his adopter and found out the couple had broken up leaving Ricky abandoned.

Ricky is neutered and up to date on his shots. He is 3 years old. He has no other health issues currently. He has a very sweet temperament. He needs a warm loving home and/or a rescue to help him find that safe secure home.

Ricky is moving from the shelter to an approved foster home tomorrow. If interested in giving Ricky that safe secure home he needs you can contact the Monroe County Animal Shelter @ 423-442-1015.

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