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"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
– Thomas Jefferson

Success Stories 2017

Now into our sixth year with second chance pals, we would like to thank each of our small group of dedicated fosterers and supporters, who have given their heartfelt love, time and financial support so this program can go forward. To see heartwarming success stories for our previous years ... go to:

Adult spayed/neutered pets are continuing to be highly desirable, many times valued for their stable, mature-loving and quiet ways, filled with comfort, patience, grace and loyalty.

At this time, our goal of calling attention to the plight of adult animals in our shelter is being realized. As Pets for Patriots comes on board, our own Rolling Rescue and additional rescue sources, we are heartened that older companion animals are becoming more valued and are being adopted. Since there are now
a variety of ways that second chance pals will be finding their forever homes, we reserve success stories from here on out for those animals who are either scp specific or have unusual or difficult adoption stories we can highlight. The photos do not include all adult animals rescued . . .

Please keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated 12/15/2017

2017 Adopted List ... Click on the pet's name to see their story.  

02/02, Muffin, Shih Tzu
03/17, Axel, Min Pin
04/11, Lucy, Min Schnauzer
05/17, Samantha, Cat
08/03, Otto, Min. Pin.
08/16, Lady, Chihuahua
09/17, Maze, Pappilion Mix
03/04, Silk, Cat
03/20, Sandy, Labrador Retriever
04/22, Doc, Pomeranian
07/25, Lucy, Shih Tzu
08/03, Macy, Plott Hound
09/06, Ginger, Beagle Mix
10/26, Raul, Chihuahua
03/09, Cocoa, Cat
03/25, Katie, Pomeranian
05/17, Rambo, Chihuahua
08/03, Maggie, Plott Hound
08/15, Ziva, Terrier Mix
09/11, Sweetie, Beagle
11/15, Gracie, Cat


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12/14/17: Gracie has been adopted!

9/21/17: Gracie is a 12 year old very sweet Russian Blue mix cat who was owned and loved for a long time by a dedicated MCFA volunteer. When her Mom died unexpectedly 2 years ago, her Dad tried his best to take care of her but she really missed Mom and her spirit declined. Dad is now in ill health and can no longer provide for Gracie.

She has gained a lot of weight over the last few years and is now in need of a caring home where her diet can be supervised. She is a very loving cat and her purr motor activates when she just feels your hand on her and it goes into high gear when you pet and rub her neck. She really loves attention and comes from a home with another cat, but doesn't like dogs so much.

She's had a full medical checkup with bloodwork. At 24 lbs. she has some trouble getting around but she's eating her diet food nicely and is using her litter box.

She will need a fairly quiet home as she stresses easily during this unsettled time in her life. It will be important for her diet to be closely monitored to get that weight off so that Gracie can be the cat she once was before she lost her Mom.

If you think that you could provide a home for Gracie (either foster or forever), please contact Claire at or call 423-884-3299.


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10/26/17: Raul is being adopted by his foster mom!

9/26/17: Raul is an 8 year old Chihuahua, found as a stray, he has already been accepted to a rescue, Fur Friends in Need, but needs to get his dental done first.


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9/17/17: Maze was adopted at PetSmart this weekend!

(Press F5 to play again.)

Little Maze wants to look her best now that she's ready to find her forever family.



9/16/17: Hi. I'm Maze. My foster Mom thinks I'm the sweetest little girl. I had a rough start in life and had no idea of how to be a dog until I came to the shelter and joined the Second Chance Pals Program.

Since May, I have learned what it feels like to trust people. I still panic a little, but I am becoming braver. I still hide under the bed sometimes. I discovered these things called toys. And my sibling "Lucy" has taught me how to play. We play a lot. I didn't know playing could be so much fun. I really love walks on a leash, it's my favorite thing to do and I hope I find a family that will take me for lots of walks. My foster Mom lives in the country, so I have no idea what a fenced in yard is. I could run off if I got scared, so I need to be on a leash anytime you take me outside. I could probaly learn to like a fenced in yard. I could give it a try.

I don't think my feet had ever touched grass before I came to the shelter and had no idea of what it was like to do my business outside of a cage. But that has all changed. I seldom have an accident in the house anymore. I would really like a home that has another dog(s) I could play with. I've never known what it's like to be an only dog, so I don't know if I would do well by myself. I came from a hoarding enviroment where I was one of many unsocialized dogs. I learned to react off the fears of the other hoarded dogs and everything scared me.

In foster care, I began to learn to be more independent. I've really enjoyed being with my 4 other foster siblings and have begun to feel a little more secure. It may be a little scary for me when I go to a forever home at first. But with some patience, and a lot of love, I'm sure I'll be fine with a little time. My new family needs to understand that I see things a little differently because of my past and they will need to be patient with me.

My foster Mom says to tell you I love to be held and rubbed. Are you the forever family for me?

9/4/17: Maze has done so well ... she's ready to find her very own forever home!

8/28/17: Maze has been in her foster home since 6/11. She has come a long way, but we are still working on socialization. She lived her life in a cage, bad conditions, and no socialization. She learned to react from the fears of all the other hoarded dogs she was with. Her feet had probably never touched grass.

She is now about 80% housetrained and going outside for leashed walks is her favorite thing to do - she loves it. A fenced yard may, or may not, work for her. She climbed out of an x-pen for awhile, but not so much now that she has started to adjust.

At this time, she will not come to you off leash, so it may be difficult to get her back into the house from a fenced yard. But that could improve with time. She did not understand how to play, but now plays alot with another foster and sometimes by herself. But she still panics frequently and spends alot of time under the bed; she is getting braver, but is improving slowly.

Maze could be adopted now, but only to someone with patience that understands the environment where she came from. She is as sweet as she can be and gets along with my other 4 dogs well. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's fine when you are holding her - very relaxed and cuddly. But catching her to try hold her is another story. I have to tell her to get out from under the bed. She runs to one of two spots in the house and trembles while she waits for me to pick her up. Once picked up, she is fine. She runs circles around the couch and will come close enough to touch the end of your finger, but not close enough for you to pick her up. She really wants to join the rest of us on the couch, but panics when she gets too close. She is coming closer for treats. I think she will continue to improve in time with the right person and environment. I don't know if she will every fully adjust. Only time will tell.

8/15/17: Maze saw the vet, no issues, no follow up needed.

8/14/17: Maze is a little over 1 year old, a Pappilion mix. Already spayed. She came in with 13 other dogs and has not had much socialization at all. Her foster mom has been working with her but she needs a little more time. She will be best either straight adoption or into a foster based rescue. She will not do well if she goes into another shelter environment.

We accepted this dog into SCP because of her special needs for socialization. She is only 1 year old which makes her a young candidate, but her need is great.


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9/11/17: SOS Beagle rescue is taking Sweetie! She will be spayed on Friday and then go to rescue.

9/8/17: Sweetie is a 6 year old Beagle, came in as a stray, who has some arthritis in her hips and legs. She is super sweet, thus her name! She is HW neg, 15 pounds. More to come as her new foster home gets to know her.


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9/6/17: Louie's Legacy will be stopping through tomorrow on their way back from helping the hurricane Harvey dogs and they are taking Ginger!

8/28/17: Ginger came back from the vet today; she lost 10 teeth, didn't have very many teeth to begin with. I think her skin issues and allergies are related to her poor diet. But I haven't had her very long, so I can't say for sure. However, she has shown improvement with the prescription meds, supplements, and a better diet. She is scratching less, hair is starting to return, smells better, and her hair is starting to shine a little. She was underweight when she came into the shelter. The person surrendering her said she had actually gained some weight during the short time she had her. Ginger has a good appetite. I open feed - Taste of the Wild Dry for small breeds. Even with her poor dental, she eats very well. She has gained weight and her ribs no longer show. Not sure if she'll be able to continue of the dry food with losing so many teeth today.

She is completely housebroken. From what I was told, her original owners had her since she was a puppy until a few months ago. She is definetely a lap dog and talks to you to get you to pick her up.

She loves to snuggle and would be great for someone that wants a cuddling companion. For her age, she hears and sees well. She listens well. She does not need a leash when going outside. She follows me and takes herself back in the house on her own. She still has a lot of energy for 15. She gallops (slow run) in the house and especially when we are outside. She loves to roll in the grass and soak up the warmth of the sun. I know that she was around other dogs, and small children, for the short time she was with her temporary family before being surrended to the shelter- they said she did well. No idea about cats. But she's so easy going, I don't think cats would be a problem. Not sure about bigger dogs. She fits right in with the other 4 dogs I have and has been one of the gang since I brought her home.

I think she needs another few weeks before she is ready for adoption. Her mouth has to heal. I think her heart murmer should be recheck after her dental improves. By then, we should have a better read on her allergies.

8/15/17: Ginger will be getting a dental; she has several bad teeth and a mouth full of yuckie gums; she will be sent home with antibiotics today and the dental scheduled for the near future.

She has a heart murmur, 4 out of 6, but bad teeth and infection can be a contributor. We will get her mouth all cleaned up and go from there.

She is housetrained; very friendly and social.

8/14/17: Ginger is a sweet senior lady who finds herself in need of a new forever home. Her owner became too ill to care for her.

Ginger is housebroken, leash trained and likes to ride. She gets along with other dogs, cats and kids. She is afraid of the storms so she might want you to be near when it's storming. She eats moist food and has a good appetite. She isn't too fond of baths.

Ginger is in a foster home, so if you are interested in meeting her, please call the shelter at 423-442-1015 to set up a meet and greet.


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8/15/17: Ziva has been adopted!

8/1/17: Ziva is 6 years old, is housebroken and likes to sit on the couch with you. She prefers to sleep with you and loves to have all the attention but is not aggressive with other dogs. She is a sweet girl who is looking for her forever home.

Ziva is in a loving foster home.


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8/16/17: Lady has gone to rescue.

8/4/17: This is Lady, she was found on Rt.68 scared and hungry. She is a 9 year old (approximately) Chihuahua and weighs 14.6 lbs. She is in need of a dental and needs to be spayed. All expenses for her care will be taken care of by MCFA's Second Chance Pals program.

The people that brought her in said she is very sweet. If you have room in your home for this abandoned little sweetie, please call the Monroe County Animal Shelter at 423-442-1015.


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8/3/17: Otto has been adopted by his foster mom.

5/17/17: Otto is a 7 year old Min Pin who is pretty hyper, but does better out of the kennel. He is neutered and housebroken, but really could use a foster. He gets along with other dogs and cats don't bother him.


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8/3/17: Macy will be going to Louie's Legacy rescue this coming Tuesday, 8/8!

5/19/17: Macy is an 8 year old Plott weighs 66 pounds and is super, super sweet.


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8/3/17: Maggie has gone to St. Hurbert's rescue.

5/19/17: Maggie is a 3 year old Plott Hound who weighs 38 pounds and is very sweet.


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6/23/17: Isn't Lucy pretty after a bath and haircut!

6/20/17: This is Lucy when she first came in.

7/24/17: Lucy has been accepted to Louise Legacy Rescue; she will leave tomorrow, Tuesday, July 25th. She has been an absolute joy to foster.

6/27/17: Lucy had 3 teeth pulled today; she is home and eating ... all is well. Also Lucy goes in and out my doggie door like a pro. But she will also use a pee pad if I don't take her out and walk with her in a timely manner. Her dry eye has greatly improved with the application of medicine twice a day, the difference is remarkable and I know she is more comfortable.

Lucy loves to lay on the back of the couch; she likes a bird's-eye view of the living room.

6/23/17: Lucy saw the groomer today and the vet; she is very healthy for her age. She has one dry eye which will requires medicine 2 times a day and she's scheduled for a dental next week.

6/20/17: Lucy is a 13 year old Shih Tzu mix, she has been surrendered to the shelter due to her mom's poor health.

Lucy is dog friendly and is gentle. Lucy seems to have poor eyesight, she will see a vet in a couple days and get all checked out. She is heartworm negative and will be put on prevention.


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5/17/17l: Rambo went to Louie's Legacy today!

2/14/17: Rambo is a 7 yr old short-coated Chihuahua. He is housebroken and gets along great with other dogs and doens't mind cats. Rambo is a happy boy who likes to play with toys and take naps. He was basically abandoned by his owner, along with his 2 play mates. He is neutered and ready to find his new forever home once he gets a final SCP checkup.


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7/25/17: Samantha napping on HER couch



5/17/17: Samantha has a home!

1/18/17: Samantha is 9-11 years old; currently living at the shelter until we find a foster home for her; she's a very sweet girl that is very loving. She prefers to have her head rubbed instead of being held. She gets along with other cats and is happy to co-exist with them, but would be happy as an only cat. Samantha is fine with dogs; doesn't pay much attention to them.


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4/22/17 - Doc's new Dad!


4/22/17: Doc has a permanent home with his foster family!

3/21/17: Doc is a 7 yr old Pomeranian and was surrendered today when his elderly owner passed away. He is pee-pad trained and has never been outside. He is neutered.

The vet will check him out tomorrow. He is confused as to how he ended up here but did not try to bite and allowed us to pick him up. He would benefit greatly if he could go to a foster home.


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Lucy's new mom!


4/11/17: Lucy was adopted today!

3/10/17: This is Lucy, a 7 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. Lucy is spayed, up-to-date on shots, housebroken, child friendly, and dog friendly. Lucy is a dominant female, which means she makes sure all other dogs in her home know she is the boss; she should not be placed with another dominant dog.

She is being fostered in a home with multiple dogs who allow her to be herself. Lucy should be in a fenced in yard or on a leash when outside (she is a runner).

Lucy is affectionate and loving, a good companion. When Lucy first came in she was shy and distant but within a few hours was showing affection and accepting petting. She has a couple fatty masses on her chest that do not cause her any discomfort; the vet is not concerned about them.


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3/25/17: Katie was adopted today!!!

3/10/17: Katie is a 14 year old Pomeranian; she is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations.

Katie is nearly blind; one eye is white with cataract but she doesn't know this should slow her down. Katie learns her surroundings quickly and is not shy. She needs a little more care going up and down stairs until she if familiar with the routine.

She is house-trained, also uses a pee pad if you can't walk her in a timely manner. She is dog friendly and child friendly, although I would use caution putting her with young children as she's is a senior and could be injured easily by rough handling.

Katie will bark when someone knocks at the door but is very quiet the rest on the time. Katie doesn't have many teeth left and should be fed soft food and treats.

She is affectionate, she would be very content to sleep the day away next to you on the sofa. Katie is a precious soul.


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3/17/17: Axel went to a meet & greet today and found his forever home!

3/11/17: From Axel's foster parents: Axel has blended into our home nicely; he sleeps through the night in a crate and in an ex-pen or loose in the house during the day. He is a lap dog and would spend his entire day sitting next to one of us. He gets along with our two family dogs and house training manners are good. Twice daily eye drops are no problem and there appears to be nothing wrong with his vision. Walks nicely on leash and plays with his favorite toys.

He's our first SCP foster and we're looking forward to introducing him to potential adopters. He'd make a great family pet. Having two larger dogs, we're beginning to see the charm of the small guys! Please let us know if any potential adopters appear or any rescues are interested in him.

1/6/17: Axel is a 7 year old Min Pin who was found with 3 other dogs in an abandoned house. He is a sweet fellow who loves people. Axel has dry eyes and needs drops twice a day.


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3/20/2017: Sandy, now Mooch, vacationing in Florida with her new family SCP



2/17/17: In just a couple of days, Sandy has really perked up. On top of everything else, she also had a yeast infection in her ears, which is now being treated. She's a real trooper!

2/9/17: Sandy has had her mass removed and is recovering well. She is Heartworm positive and will have her treatment next week on Monday and Tuesday and be ready to come back on Wednesday.

She is really a nice dog. We need to find her a foster spot; of course she is a bigger dog, but she's house-trained.

2/8/17: Sandy is a super-sweet Chocolate Lab that came into the shelter with an awful hernia. She's scheduled for surgery.


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7/17/17: Silk and Cocoa Puff Update:

Silk and Cocoa Puff are doing fantastic! Silk loves to hang out on the top level of a cat tree I have in my downstairs kitchen by a window. She's vocal when she wants attention, and is very cuddly. She really prefers to stay quiet by herself. She doesn't seek out the companionship of other cats. This is okay. The other cats pretty much ignore her. So, all is good.

Cocoa Puff likes to hang out upstairs. Although, he frequently comes downstairs if he thinks his food bowl isn't full enough. He's very vocal too. His personality has really has his appetite. He has put on some weight, so he doesn't look as frail as he once did. He's quite a character.

Both are a good fit and are doing well.

3/4/17: Silk….has been adopted from the shelter by a woman from Sweetwater who saw her at PetSmart… comment “Silk must have been much loved by her previous owner. She is very loving, enjoys cuddling and being held. She is absolutely adorable.” She will be getting her dental done on Thursday.

2/24/17: Silk is a beautiful DSH, black cat with a little tuft of white on her chest. Her former person had to surrender her due to her own health, she was no longer able to care for Silk and Cocoa as they deserved. She has to be an Indoor Cat ONLY…especially since she is a senior, has always been inside, is 14 years old, and is front de-clawed. She deserves to continue to live a safe, cushy, heated/air-conditioned life. She is a wonderful girl who just wants to hang out and keep your lap warm. Thanks to Second Chance Pals we were able to get Silk a complete senior check-up and she is scheduled for a dental cleaning on March 16th, 2017. Her blood work came back perfect. Perfect litter box manners.


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3/14/17: 3/14/17-Cocoa has returned from Atlanta….Linda, who adopted Silk (Cocoa’s housemate) just had to have Cocoa so she arranged adoption and transport back to Sweetwater…to his forever home sweet home! (his new name is Cocoa Puff :-)

3/9/17: Cocoa was sent to Atlanta today.

2/24/17: Cat people talk to their cats….and their cats answer…Cocoa is quite the conversationalist! Cocoa is a very sweet and handsome buff and white boy with an adorable pink nose. He is about 12 years old and looking for his retirement lap. His former person had to surrender him due to her own health, she was no longer able to care for Cocoa and Silk as they deserved. He has to be an Indoor Cat ONLY…especially since he is a senior, has always been inside and is front de-clawed. He deserves to continue to live a safe, cushy, heated/air-conditioned life. Thanks to Second Chance Pals we were able to get Cocoa a complete senior check-up; his blood work came back with no real issues and his teeth are in great shape. Perfect litter box manners.


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2/2/17: Muffin is going to Louise Legacy rescue on Friday, 2/3.

1/30/17: Muffin is doing very well after her surgery, and her skin is healing nicely. As a result, she is a much happier dog and is even getting playful. Marcy believes that Muffin is getting too attached to them and should be put up for adoption asap. She feels bad that Muffin is learning to trust them, and then will be displaced once again. One curious thing she wanted me to pass on is that Muffin has not barked once since she arrived, not a sound. Very sweet dog and smart.

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