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"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
– Thomas Jefferson

Success Stories 2018

Now into our sixth year with second chance pals, we would like to thank each of our small group of dedicated fosterers and supporters, who have given their heartfelt love, time and financial support so this program can go forward. To see heartwarming success stories for our previous years ... go to:

Adult spayed/neutered pets are continuing to be highly desirable, many times valued for their stable, mature-loving and quiet ways, filled with comfort, patience, grace and loyalty.

At this time, our goal of calling attention to the plight of adult animals in our shelter is being realized. As Pets for Patriots comes on board, our own Rolling Rescue and additional rescue sources, we are heartened that older companion animals are becoming more valued and are being adopted. Since there are now
a variety of ways that second chance pals will be finding their forever homes, we reserve success stories from here on out for those animals who are either scp specific or have unusual or difficult adoption stories we can highlight. The photos do not include all adult animals rescued . . .

Please keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated 12/18/2018:

2018 Adopted List ... Click on the pet's name to see their story.  

01/06, Ralph, Cat
01/31, Pip, Cat
4/12, Boots, Cat
06/06, Snowball, Westie X
08/08, Maggie, Chihuahua
10/12, Mickey, Shih Tzu
01/19, Tellico, Beagle
02/22, Mollly, Terrier Mix
4/12, Shivers, Cat
07/15, Katie, Pomeranian
09/25, QT, Terrier Mix
12/15, Scotty, Schnauzer
01/26, Cookie, Laborador
4/12, Britches, Cat
05/28, Nell, Chihuahua
07/31, Jackson, Min Pin
09/25, Sophie, Poodle
12/18, Buddy, Poodle Mix


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12/18/18: Buddy has been in a home that decided to "Foster to Adopt" and he's now in a permanent home ... lucky boy!

11/14/18: Buddy is 10 years old. He's in good health and current on all vetting, housebroken and is very friendly and playful.

Second chance pals is a long term foster program. SCP pays for all medical costs and grooming, the shelter provides bedding and food, all you provide is a safe home and love.


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3/21/18: Being clean feels so good!



12/7/18: Scotty has a home!

7/19/18: Scotty has been neutered, has had a dental and all his bad teeth removed. Scotty is in good health and gaining weight.

6/24/18: Scotty is a funny dog. When I leave he sneaks around and gets the remotes off the table ... if there is a blanket he can reach off the couch he drags it on the floor. I have watched him through the window being so mischievous. Scotty can't see well at all; he may not be totally blind but will walk into bushes and trees outside, so his vision is very limited. He knows his surroundings in my house so his lack of sight is not an issue.

Scotty loves stuffed animals to play with, but he is a loner, plays by himself, he doesn't approach me for petting; in fact, I must make him accept loving from me, he will wag his stubby tail and inch closer to me but when I walk toward him he runs away. I am doing my best to win his confidence but I believe he has not known affection in his life, maybe even neglect. Scotty is non-aggressive (only has 7 teeth). He actually seems to enjoy the company of my pack of dogs and seems to get happy when they are all playing.

If a person wanted a project dog to work with, Scotty is it. I know improvements can be made with him by somwone who is patient and kind. I would not suggest a home with small children, his lack of sight makes that situation stressful on the dog.

I carry him outside because he absolutely cannot walk down steps, He can go up the steps on his own. He uses pee pads in the house.

6/10/18: Scotty is gaining weight, which is a good thing, he was skinny when found.

Scotty is timid around people, he is happy when I come home but is not a lap dog. I call to him and he will come but stand at a distance, I am working on that, he acts afraid. I love on him all the time, he accepts petting it's just he will not come up to me and ask for attention.

I carry him outside because he is pretty much blind and cannot maneuver going down steps. He sometimes enjoys being out (in the fenced in yard) but at other times runs back in the house before doing his business.

Scotty will bark when my grandkids are here, not sure why, maybe its because he can't see them but knows they are there He is not aggressive to kids or dogs.

When it comes to stuffed toys Scotty has become rather possessive of them, He will sniff them out and take them away from my other dogs, they dont fight him over them but there is usually growling. Scotty only has 7 teeth, can't see, so for him to get possessive over anything is more humorous to me, my dogs are super sweet to him and let him have his way, But this could be an issue if another dog was not so understanding.

Scotty uses pee pads in the house since he can't use the doggie door like my other dogs to go outside.

Scotty eats dry food. wet canned food will upset his stomach....found this out the hard way.

4/30/18: Scotty is feeling much better these days, he no longer needs the television on to feel safe. He is playing more and is trying to play with his foster brothers.

Click here for a video of Scotty

4/2/18: Scotty is a Schnauzer, 13 years old, blind, nearly toothless. He sleeps most of the day away. His foster mom carries him outside because he cannot maneuver steps going down, He will follow her voice calling him; and he can climb up the stairs to come back in the house.

Scotty likes having the TV on to sleep, he will cry and bark when he thinks he is alone, so the tv helps.

Scotty is an old man who needs a quiet home to live out his days; he is friendly and happy.


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10/12/18: Mickey has been adopted!

8/26/18: Mickey is an older Shih Tzu; we're not sure how old he is. He still needs to be vet-checked and is in a foster-to-adopt situation.


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9/25/18: QT has been adopted!

8/16/18: QT is a 9 year old Terrier, Hound & Beagle mix; she is already spayed and in a foster home.

QT is heart-worm positive and has started her treatment.


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9/25/18: Sophie has been adopted!

7/13/18: Sophie was groomed today and feels a lot better. She is super sweet, housebroken, and gets along with dogs; she's curious about cats. She'll be spayed & have a dental once her skin heals from the flea bites.

7/10/18: Sophie is a 7 year old female Poodle. She is in foster care, is housebroken and dog-friendly. Sophie has itchy skin which may be due to fleas. Now that the fleas are gone a vet will be checking her for other issues.


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08/08/18, Maggie adopted again!

6/23/18: Maggie with her new Mom


8/27/27: Poor little Maggie was returned as she had an accident in the house ... she has been accepted to rescue and will be leaving this Friday.

8/8/18: Sweet little Maggie will be well loved in her new home - especially with her new sibling "Chloe". Happy life sweet Maggie.

7/31/18: Maggie the little chihuahua that was adopted recently has been surrendered back to the shelter and she is back in SCP. Her new mom has become extremely ill and is in the hospital. Maggie was loved and given love; it's sad, but we have her safe again.

6/23/18: Maggie and her new Mom were made for each other. Maggie will be very well loved in her new home.

Maggie was surrendered to the shelter at the age of 12. Our Second Chance Pals Program makes it possible to place seniors in forever homes. Second Chance Pals is always in need of fosters to care for our seniors until they are adopted. Anyone interested in fostering for the shelter can complete a foster application. Join our foster team and help us save lives.

6/10/18: Maggie just came into the SCP program and is already in a foster home. We don't have any other information about her yet.


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07/31/18: Jackson Adopted!




7/31/18: Jackson has been adopted!

7/23/18: It's me - Little Jackson. Bet you've been wondering where I've been the past several weeks. I was brought into the Shelter as a stray. Lucky for me because I was in need of a dental, a good nail trim, and I was heart worm positive. But the nice people at the shelter made sure I got all the medical care a little guy like me should have. And since I was a senior (age 7), Second Chance Pals took me in and got me all the extra care I needed, including heartworm treatment and a good dental. I had to rest for a few weeks, but now I'm good to go and heart worm free. I've had a Pro Heart 6 shot to protect me from getting heart worms again. It's a must that my new family keeps me on heart worm preventative. I cannot go through another heartworm treatment if they don't

My perfect forever home would include the following. I'm really small, so it would be easy to step on me. I'm a quiet little guy, so a home with less activity would be best for me. When there's too much going on, I go and hide. In my foster home, I have small foster (dog) siblings and we all get along well. I do not like big dogs - they scare me. I can go from being a cute little min pin to a full size doberman just to show them how tough I am. A medium size dog would probably be OK. I haven't been around cats, but I think I would be OK with them. I would also do well as an only (companion) dog, as long as I got plenty of attention. I think I was an outside dog before coming to the shelter. I've been working on my house manners and I'm doing pretty well now. My new family would need to take me for walks on a leash - I just love to go for walks. I would probably love a secure fenced in yard to run around in. But my new family would need to keep an eye on me in a fenced yard. Because I am so little, a big ole bird could easily scoop me up. My potty habits have been improving. A combination of wearing a boy band, and x pen crating, have helped me to have more bladder control. But I can still mark once in a while - especially when I get excited. So a boy band would be a good idea for me so I don't have an accident. You'll know when I'm done doing my business outside because I always do this cute little scratch dance. Boy can I move some dirt when I'm dancing. I am an "INSIDE" dog. I love being outdoors, but I would get so excited that I would run off if not on a leash and I would get lost. I love to nest, so a nice soft blanket and cozy bed are a must for me. I love sun beams and basking in the sun. I have springs in my legs and can bounce high when I want you to pick me up - especially when we are going for a walk. I'm a wiggly little guy. Sometimes I'll cuddle in your lap. Sometimes I'll just jump up in your lap so you can scratch my back or head or rub my belly. I'm learning to play, but haven't quite figured it out yet. I am very food motivated and love treats. I can bark when the other dogs are barking, but I'm usually a pretty quiet little guy

My Foster Mom thinks I'm pretty darn special and wants me to go to a home that is "BEST FOR ME". Both the shelter, and Second Chance Pals, have invested a lot to make me healthy again. My new family would need to make sure I am properly vetted. Are you that special home I am looking for? I promise to be very sweet and loving

6/5/18: Jackson is heartworm positive and is in a foster home while he is being treated.


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7/15/18: Katie has been adopted by her foster Mom! No more rehoming for Ms Katie!

6/24/18: Katie saw the groomer; she has a lot of missing hair but her itching has nearly stopped. She sleeps well and enjoys being carried outside. Katie will stand with her nose in the air catching all the wonderful smells. I sit with her until I see she is tired. She is eating 2 good meals a day and a small snack in the evening.

Katie is 16 years old, an adopter must know she may need more frequent vet visits as her health is likely to change ... they must be financially able to care for her, not to mention regular grooming.

Her next home will be her last home and It needs to be perfect for her.

6/18/18: Katie went to the vet today (weighed 10 pounds) and had x-rays taken of her back; she has 3 collapsed discs. One area looked as if it could have had trama. The vet prescribed meds to help with the swelling, she most likely will not improve. Katie can walk a short ways before she gives out, when in the house she will drag her backside. I crate her when I go to work; I feel better knowing she is safely confined.

She has a skin infection due to the fleas, she has been treated and the fleas are gone now. I have medicated shampoo to use for the next 2 weeks. As a result of the fleas, she has tapeworms and started treatment today.

Katie has a good strong heart. She is eating well and naturally sleeps a lot.

6/17/18: Katie, also know as Katie Carter, has been returned. Her owner could no longer keep her.

Katie is now 16 years old. Katie can't see very well and I believe her hearing is also impaired, she is nearly toothless. Unfortunately Katie can't walk on her hind legs more than a couple steps without collapsing, She doesn't seem to be in any pain, she actually appears to be in good spirits. Katie has fleas and is suffering hair loss due to the fleas.

She is not ready for adoption at this time. She has scheduled groomer and vet appointments. And we need to find out what is wrong with her legs/hip.

3/10/17: Katie is a 15 year old Pomeranian; she is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations.

Katie is nearly blind; one eye is white with cataract but she doesn't know this should slow her down. Katie learns her surroundings quickly and is not shy. She needs a little more care going up and down stairs until she if familiar with the routine.

She is house-trained, also uses a pee pad if you can't walk her in a timely manner. She is dog friendly and child friendly, although I would use caution putting her with young children as she's is a senior and could be injured easily by rough handling.

Katie will bark when someone knocks at the door but is very quiet the rest on the time. Katie doesn't have many teeth left and should be fed soft food and treats.

She is affectionate, she would be very content to sleep the day away next to you on the sofa. Katie is a precious soul.


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10/11/2017 - Feeling Frisky & Anxiety Free


6/5/18: Snowball is being adopted by his foster Mom!

1/14/18: Snowball had a pretty severe ear infection which may have temporarily affected his hearing; now that the infection is better, his hearing has also improved.

Snowball will see the vet as a follow up to make sure he is back to 100%.

He will also be getting groomed; toy breeds thrive with tender loving care.

10/8/17: From his foster Mom: I was waiting to send an update on the little guy after he saw the vet this week. He was neutered last Wednesday, and I asked them to really explore his ears as he is deaf. They found pus pockets under his eardrums and is on a long course of antibiotics. Hopefully, some of his hearing will come back. I had them check his ears every time but guess the infection was too deep to see on a regular exam. He has been in pain and had 2 more seizures, so he is on a maintenance dose of PhenoBarb which will probably be a lifetime. He also suffers from separation anxiety. He does not destroy things, but barks and howls nonstop when I am gone and needs to have me in view at all times. Other, than that, he is perfect.

He is feeling a little better and actually played some with my Scottie. There is hope for improvement. I would like to get one of the storm vests to put on him when I am gone to see if it will help calm his anxiety. I haven't had anyone reach out to me for him and West Highland Rescue never contacted me. He is demanding when he wants something, especially food. During the day, he is in a 10x10 pen with many many comforts, so he is safe and can't run off. My Scottie is with him but he just can't be consoled when I am gone.

He goes back to the vet in 2 weeks to explore his ears again under brief anesthesia.

9/21/17: This little guy’s heart was shattered when he was taken to the shelter by his owners because they moved. As his foster mom, I was able to get him to eat, play, and start trusting again, but he has a ways to go. When adopted, he will need much patience until he can adjust. He is definitely a one-on-one boy and would greatly benefit from a stay at home parent with a large area to run and feel free. He cannot be crated or confined. He is totally house-broken, has great manners, and is perfect on a leash. He is fine with other dogs and cats, but does not interact as he is quite submissive. He has learned to play with toys by himself and has a good time.

“Snowy” was so traumatized from the change that he did have seizures. He is currently on medication and working through a trial medical plan to see if he has a diagnosis of epilepsy or if the seizures were only due to stress. This will be determined, but it is a strong possibility he will require life-time medications and routine vet visits. In addition, a potential adopter needs to know he will also need grooming because of his breed. The rewards of this lush sweet boy will far outweigh any extras efforts required. He is a dream. Serious calls only, please.

9/16/17: No dates yet, but Snowball has been accepted into Westie Rescue, Southeast!

9/4/17: Snowball is only 1 year old. He came in as an owner surrender, they said they were moving and could not take the dog.

They did not mention the dog had seizures, but Snowball had two seizures the first night with his foster mom. The vet at MCAH did blood work that came back normal; so it may possibly be epilepsy. The vet gave him medication and will recheck his bloodwork in 2-3weeks.


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5/28/18: Nell went to Louie's Legacy Rescue in Ohio today!

3/28/18: Nell is a 13 year old Chihuahua that is now in a foster home.

She has been checked out at a vet's office and is already spayed, has limited vision due to bi-lateral cataracts, has a grade 4/6 heart murmur, a possible luxating patella, needs a dental and is heartworm negative.

Nell's foster Mom has reported that she is pee-pad trained but likes to go outside and gets along well with other dogs.


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4/12/18: Our senior cats that came out of one household have left the shelter to once again, live in one household with a prior adopter of 2 other seniors….They will have a purrfect life in their new home!

3/20/18: Boots and Shivers - surrendered for health of owner. They are a bonded pair.

Quiet and calm. Both are used to multi-cat homes so they would adjust well to other cats. Both love to snuggle and would prefer a quiet household.

Would prefer they be adopted together if at all possible.


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4/12/18: Our senior cats that came out of one household have left the shelter to once again, live in one household with a prior adopter of 2 other seniors….They will have a purrfect life in their new home!

3/20/18: Boots and Shivers - surrendered for health of owner. They are a bonded pair.

Quiet and calm. Both are used to multi-cat homes so they would adjust well to other cats. Both love to snuggle and would prefer a quiet household.

Would prefer they be adopted together if at all possible.


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4/12/18: Our senior cats that came out of one household have left the shelter to once again, live in one household with a prior adopter of 2 other seniors….They will have a purrfect life in their new home!

3/20/18: Britches is a 9 year old Siamese mix, Cream/Grey. Surrendered due to health of owner.


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2/22/18: Molly has gone to rescue with Atlanta Humane!

1/11/18: Molly has been found and is back at the shelter.

10/17: Molly got loose at the shelter and she was never found.

9/16/17: Molly's foster Mom has gone on vacation so she is temporarily back at the shelter ... if you'd like to help by fostering Molly, that would be a huge help. She gets along well with smaller dogs, but shows some jealousy with dogs her own size.

8/18/17: From Molly's foster Mom: We're leaving on vacation tomorrow and will be leaving Molly at the shelter until she finds another foster home. Molly has been quite a challenge and while I am happy to report that she can be walked on a loose lead and has learned to "wait" before charging out of the door - though she has moments when she forgets. We feel it would be best if she was returned to the shelter or find a home that has no other dogs (maybe someone who has just lost a dog?) where she can just hang out with that person(s). She loves nothing more than to just be by someone's side, needing her own person.

As part of her heartworm treatment, she is supposed to stay relatively quiet. Unfortunately, when she is crated in our upstairs wire crate, which we feel gives fosters more social time with us and our two dogs, it seems that when left alone in the crate, especially at night, she has a tantrum. This cannot be good for her recuperation. Take her out, she is calm and very manageable, though the perceived competition with our Rottie is something to we have to keep an eye on - when she is on a lead and she encounters him, she does fine. In order to put our minds at rest and get some sleep, we banished her to a room in our basement where we put her into an airline crate. At first she wailed and carried on, but after awhile, she calms down and we have had some peace and quiet.

This girl has a lot of potential, has a decent temperament, and is very trainable in experienced hands. If you find someone who could foster her, we would be happy to loan out one of our airline crates. It has made a huge difference.

8/16/17: Molly is very affectionate and social, strong physically but trainable. She gets along well with my rat terrier, my Rottweiler not so much as I think she feels competition overwhelming in this early socialization. She just needs to learn rules.

Molly will be a loyal companion as she is most content laying at my feet when I'm working in the kitchen or on the computer.

8/3/17: Molly is ready to start her heartworm treatment and it would really help her to have a foster home for the next few weeks while she stays quiet and recovers. She is housebroken, spayed, and wants to be active, but her condition requires some down time while she heals.

5/19/17: Molly is a 5 year old terrier mix, 64 pounds, she's a nice girl who doesn't like being in the kennel, would rather be with people.


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This is Pip, as a kitten and an adult:

7/8/18: Pip's new favorite spot!

2/21/18: Pip at home ...


Pip with her new family




2/26/18: Pip Update: YEAH for Pip!!!! She moved into her new home last week and is doing great! She has a 4-member family to choose from when she wants pets (which is all of the time).

2/20/18: Pip has now actually moved in with her new family. She was pretty frightened in her new surroundings last night....I emailed Neeley the "Frightened Cat" flyer and she followed the instructions.....Pip was from a 1 person household with Wayne... and then me....4 people were probably a bit too much for her....she's doing much better this morning and has a quiet day to explore today-husband will be home all day and Neeley's Mom will visit with her during the day (lives next door) using her litter box and has eaten some.....and talking a lot (?????) she didn't do that with me....I wonder what she's saying......probably calling me every name in the book for rehoming her.....she was pretty comfy here...but she was stuck in one room and was ready to explore-resident cats would not have been happy if I had let her out.....

1/31/18: Pip's new mom has already purchased litter box, cat tree, food, litter, cardboard scratchers and brush….she’s going to pick up Pip the Monday evening (2/19) (-2 ½ weeks) after the PetSmart weekend…she has scheduled that Tuesday off so she can spend the day with Pip! Husband works from home…so she’ll have someone to pet her as needed! He’s been missing having a cat on his lap. Two “cat savvy” children who are also looking for a lap cat….Mom is a Pharmacist.

1/12/18: “You’re a Pip!” That’s what her Dad said when she first got home as a kitten in 2008….and hence her name….she is a Pip! If you didn’t know her actual age you would not think this cat is 10. Her dad passed away (1/9/18) and there is no family to take care of her permanently. Fantastic neighbors were going to visit her multiple times every day but she is a cat that is used to having her human around most of every day….adoring and petting her. A volunteer stepped up to foster her so she is now residing temporarily in a very comfortable foster home. She is an INDOOR ONLY cat…she has never been outside other than an enclosed deck.

Pip had two medical concerns (dental and pedicure needed) and those issues were resolved on Friday 1/12/18. Blood work was also done and there were NO issues there. Pip is ready to move onto the next chapter of her life with a new owner. She is available for immediate adoption. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact the Monroe County Animal Shelter and the foster will contact you to arrange a “meet and greet.” (Shelter Hours are: T-F 11am-4:30pm and Sat. 11am-2pm 423-442-1015) OR contact the foster direct via email at anytime. She has tested Negative for FeL/FIV, is spayed (as a kitten) and up to date on vaccinations (due again 6/2018) All medical records will be provided…Adoption fee is ONLY $40.

FOSTER REPORT: What a great, loveable, affectionate lap-cat. She is what’s known as a “flopper.” She will head your way when you sit down and then just flop down on her side so you can pet, scratch and brush her! aware….she flops just inches out of the human’s reach so YOU have to move to her…She’s a cat-that’s what they do to let you know, that are in charge! She knows her name and will respond….it is suggested that her name remain the same, or very similar sounding for consistency (do this slowly)…..she is perfectly litter box trained and requires a high sided litter box…she does kick some of the litter out with a low sided box. She is a very confident girl who is used to getting lots of attention….she does follow you around-sort of like a dog. Tap the brush on the couch or floor and she is on her way for you to groom her. Work with the vet to get her few extra pounds off…good diet and regular exercise (playtime) will be beneficial. She has lived with another cat but has probably never interacted with a dog.

Pip lived in the same house for 10 years…upon arrival at the foster home, she had no issues coming right out of her carrier and exploring her foster room (large bedroom). As long as she knows where her food, water, hands to pet her and litter box are, she should adjust very quickly to a new home.

Thank you to the shelter and Second Chance Pals for stepping up for Pip’s “medical day” and giving her this golden opportunity to find happiness again…..unsure who will be happier; Pip or her new person.


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1/26/18: Cookie's foster mom has decided to adopt her! Lucky girl!

1/11/18: Cookie is scheduled to have her tumor surgery today. Please keep her in your thoughts.

1/8/18: Cookie has a large tumor near the anal gland and one on the vulva. She is also heart worm positive and being treated with the slow-kill method. She is seven years old and a wonderful dog; pure-bred Labrador Retriever. She is fine here with us and fits in wonderfully with our family of animals.

10/26/17: Cookie is a 7 year old Golden/Lab mix and was surrendered by her owner's family after he passed away. She is spayed and housebroken.

She needs a completely fenced yard as she will chase cars! She is housebroken, walks well on leash and loves everyone!

Her medical issues are as follows:
10/11/17 - Large growth on left side of anus. Possible skin or anal gland tumor. Also has smaller growth above vulva. May be removed and biopsied at time of spay. (Note: Cookie is already spayed. Visible spay tattoo) Recommend blood work due to possibility of cancer and HW disease.

10/12/17 - Consult between Dr. Granger and Dr. Gobble/ Possible tumor removal at TBAH Surgery considered high risk due to age and HW diagnosis, would require reconstruction that may result in incontinence. MCAS electing to pass on tumor removal surgery at this time.


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Tellico with his new foster familly.






1/19/18: Tellico has been moved into a new foster home ... he's doing super! I've attached a picture so you can see him. They said he loves the city and they take him for walks and he stops to let folks pet him along the way. His fosters love him!

1/7/18: Tellico is cat friendly; he went to the shelter and visited the cat room and showed no interest in the kitties.

He is on a new diet, he has low cal prescription dry food that I mix with green beans and carrots, I throw in a little broth for flavor. I can tell he isn't thrilled with the new menu, but he does eat what I give him. Tellico will try and rustle in on the other dog's food if I let him, but all it takes is to say his name and he knows he is doing something wrong and he'll stop and walk away.

Tellico wants to please ... if he thinks you're mad he quickly leaves the room and sometimes goes all the way to the doggie door ... he doesn't want any part of a grouchy human! He will still cry when approaching me for petting and I guess he always will.

12/26/17: Tellico is scheduled to have a dental done Dec 29th. His back teeth are loose and infected. We will get that taken care of which will help his comfort level. Also Tellico is 36 lbs; he's 11 lbs overweight.

I have changed the way I feed all my dogs trying to monitor his food intake, but he seems to get bigger by the day. The vet said weight issues are common with Beagles and set up a weight loss plan. The low cal food is a prescription, I have a few sample bags to get me started. The vet also recommended green beans, carrots mixed with the dry food rather than canned dog food which is what I have been feeding.

Tellico had no idea how to walk on a leash but is showing improvement, slowly. Tellico is a very passive loving dog, who will make the right person a great companion anumal.

If any of you know a Beagle person who would be interested in taking Tellico as a foster please let me know. Please contact Sindy.

11/27/17: Tellico is becoming more and more comfortable around people. He is rather overweight, I'm afraid I am not the best for weight control/exercise.

Tellico is very gentle and loving, I am including photos of him with my 3 month old granddaughter.

10/17/17: Tellico is such a sweet, tender, gentle dog. I have fostered him for 2 months and he is just now starting to come out of his shell. Today Tellico ran through the house playing....This is a huge step forward for him.

Tellico still cries when wanting attention, but I am not encouraging that behavior, I pet him when he is quiet and walks up to me.

Tellico has started to Initiate play with my other dogs, again this is a very good sign.

Tellico is child friendly.

8/28/17: Tellico is making small steps forward; he is a hard-luck case to be sure, but his sweet disposition makes him worth the trouble.

Tellico will use the doggie door to go outside on his own; he has not pooped in the house in over a week. I have 4 male dogs so I can't honestly say if he has or hasn't marked in the house, although I think if his environment were scent-free of other males, he would do great indoors as long as he had a doggie door to use.

He is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment so his physical activities are restricted. He is overweight, but I can't encourage play, walking, or running until it's safe.

8/17/17: Tellico is our newest SCP foster. Tellico is a Beagle, around 7 years old. He had to have his eye removed, he has been neutered and is heartworm positive. He has started heartworm treatment.

He seems to be very calm, non aggressive to other dogs.

We'll add more about Tellico as we get to know him.

8/14/17: Tellico is a Beagle, male, maybe 7 years old and very shy. Tellico will have an eye removed at Tellico Bay Animal Hospital on 08-17-17

He is heartworm positive and due to his age he cannot do the 'fast kill' HW treatment.

Tellico is most likely not housebroken YET. Tellico's foster mom will do her best to get him housebroken and socialized.

He came into the shelter almost feral, but has improved greatly by being allowed to roam free around the shelter. Fingers crossed I can help him become adoptable.


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1/6/18: Ralph is on his way to his new home ... his new name will be Toby and his new mom will be using the foster mom's vet who is already aware of his diarrhea issue and that pilling this cat is not a viable option.

12/18/17: Ralph the Cat (Front De-Clawed) - Transformed From "Hedgehog" Status…back to a warm, loving, affectionate, wonderful, purrfect cat.

Ralph's story: He was abandoned at our front gate after his owner passed away and the family caring for him decided to move. He is mourning the loss of everyone and everything he has ever known-including his own name-we don't know what it was…..His age is estimated to be 5-6 years old, gorgeous emerald green eyes, has PERFECT litter box manners and is front de-clawed. He requires a quiet, INDOOR ONLY home.

When a hedgehog is frightened it tightens a muscle that acts like a drawstring, which enables the hedgehog to hide its head, belly, feet and legs. Yes, this was Ralph upon his arrival at his foster home. He loves it when you talk to him….3 hours after arrival, back into a home environment, the hedgehog uncurled (literally) into a CAT! Eating, drinking, using the litter box and investigating his temporary home and lot and lots of head-butts. As a true Vols fan, supporting them this year has been a little tough on him but he still wears his orange and white every single day!

Ralph was very stressed at the shelter so he is currently in foster care nearby. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact the shelter and the foster will contact you to arrange a "meet and greet." (Shelter Hours are: T-F 11am-4:30pm and Sat. 11am-2pm 423-442-1015) or contact the foster via email at anytime. He has tested Negative for FeL/FIV, is neutered and up to date on vaccinations…Adoption fee is only $40.

He did not do well in a cage, so if you travel on occasion, boarding would not a pleasurable experience for him-a pet sitter in his own home would be the best option. He is obviously used to having someone around most of the time so a "stay-at-home or work-from-home human" lifestyle would be perfect for him.

Observations from his foster home: "Ralph" is a great guy and is bouncing back from his "life changing" issues. He loves attention and being scratched and petted. It appears that he is not used to being picked up and held and is not necessarily a lap cat but he IS stuck like glue right next to a human body. So he's a "sit by your side for hours" cat. He's more of a "leg warmer" than a "lap warmer." UPDATE: Lap warmer mode has been activated-his is feeling more relaxed. He is a bit timid and does not like fast movement or loud noises so it is recommended that his new forever home be a quiet home without children. (at fireworks time or grandchildren visits he will need his "safe spot"). We have no idea how he is with dogs or other cats-chances are he's never interacted with either. He's even OK with new people who come to visit….just give him a moment to observe, and make sure the visitors pay him the proper homage….(as is due any cat-ask them, they will tell you this is true) and then he will make your visitors his friends….rubbing on them and asking for head scratchin's. He is VERY responsive to the human voice-his prior owner must have pet him a lot and told him how wonderful his is…often…. and in a soothing tone because he sure eats up the compliments!

Ralph's name was assigned at the shelter; unfortunately we don't know his real name-you can give him his very own new name….his ears did perk up a bit to "Baby." As long as you talk to him, he comes running!

12/14/17: Ralph is a 5-6 year old cat that is being fostered. His owner passed away and he was surrendered to the shelter and was really depressed. Ralph has had his front paws declawed, so he can only be an indoor cat.

His foster Mom says he is doing great, affectionate, gentle, comes when you talk to him....perfect litter box manners! He just needed to be out of the shelter and into a home. He is a super loving cat.

Won't you please help us make a difference?

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